House Update! (March 2020)

After feeling like nothing was happening for a good chunk of last year, it is ALL HAPPENING NOW!! At least a couple times a week now I’m packing the pups into the car to go see what’s been done and what’s new. This week felt like a big one because all the interior framing got finished which means I can actually see the layout and get an idea for how big every room will be. Looking at the plans on a computer and knowing measurements is not the same as standing in place with the walls and ceiling there. AND all the windows and doors were installed! I was caught totally by surprise by that one when I drove up to the house earlier this week.

This week I’ve got more pics for you with a focus on some of my favorite places. Also, I talked about this on Insta yesterday but I finally got new phone so there’s going to be WAY more daily story updates on the house. Make sure you’re following me over there😀. (My old phone has been like 5 seconds away from death the last few months….oops.)

This bathtub is going to be stunning!! (Sidenote: sorry about the windows. All the windows and doors have a film/covering on them that does super weird things to the lighting.) A tub with big windows was a MUST in the design. Between the stress and physicality of moving this baby is gonna get SO much use from Day 1😅

Once the glass doesn’t need to be protected anymore😬 this is going to lead out onto the backyard patio! The view out over the forested land and the valley is absolutely stunning. I’m SO excited to have a big covered outdoor space, like totally planning on living out there ALL summer long.

The stair railing is one of the last things that will go in, which would be fine if I wasn’t terrified my idiot dogs were going to fall off every time we’re in the house. They’re not allowed up or down the stairs but also they’re IDIOTS who like to explore so you can’t take an eye off of them. Most of the time they get to spend a few minutes running around and then either someone takes and keeps them outside or they get put back in the car. Then I go explore the rest of the house!

Yoga in jeans is a terrible idea🤦‍♀️. Right now my gym is the dining room in my rental….this room is going to be WAY better. I’m obviously excited for like, every room in the house, but man this gym gives me tingles every time I think about it!! Unfortunately my next race will be before move in😔. I’m still dreaming of all the space I’m going to have for the next race though!

This is gonna be the room you all see ALL THE TIME. It’s my future office💻🙌. It’s going to be bright, the desk is going to be huge, there’s going to be filming space. The room I’m using now is just crammed full and therefore always messy which drive my crazy!! I spend a lot of time in my office area so having a large room where everything has a dedicated place, and plenty of storage, is going to be a dream come true.

Now that thing’s are moving faster I’ll probably start doing these update posts once a month! I’ve also already started a list of all the different moving and organizing and settling in content I want to do once move in day finally gets here. If there’s anything you have questions about now or want to see later, let me know!


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