House Update!! (January 2020)

In the middle of December I started planning on doing a big house update post because we were reaching a point where things were really starting to move along. Then snowpocalypse hit and we got put on hold again lol.

It finally warmed up a bit last week, and switched to rain as you can clearly see, but that’s good enough for building!

I wanted to be able to walk around to take pics and video which meant waiting for a weekend. Unfortunately it was SUPER foggy the only time I could run by the property over the weekend so the pictures aren’t the greatest quality. You’ll still get the idea though😉 Even if the backyard view isn’t quite there.

Let’s get into the fun stuff…

There’s sort of three different phases going on right now in regards to ~building a house~
First there’s the actual physical building being built. Yay pictures! I actually got super emotional the first time I saw it with a wall up. It’s been such an abstract concept, something only in my mind and models, that seeing an actual building made me truly feel like this place was going to be home. The basement was the first thing framed, which is good because the theater down there is probably going to be my favorite part of the house😂 And yes right now it’s super creepy with a staircase going down to nothing but darkness.

This week the plan is to hopefully finish up all the framing. That way when the roof delivery starts next week they can get right to it. With all this rain and snow it’s going to be HUGE to get cover on. Personally, it’ll be nice to be able to spend more time at the property without having to dodge snow falling off of trees or leave with my hair dripping wet.

The second part of what we’ve been working on is all the interior finishes that need to be ordered by our builder. Things like floors, cabinets, doors, etc. can take weeks if not months to get made. So even though that’s still a ways away we have to make those final decisions now so that deliveries can match up with our building schedule. Luckily we’ve been working on the design for basically as long as we’ve had a floorplan. While it’s A LOT to take on, it could have been much worse. I did change the floor for the entire upstairs at the last minute though😬 But now I LOVE the color & finish so while it felt rushed it also feels totally worth it.

And finally there’s the décor that can actually start being figured out, which is something we’ll do ourselves. We’ve been researching furniture and appliances for a while but now’s the time to start thinking about making actual purchases. In fact I plan on buying a super cool piece for my coffee bar this week👀

So that’s where were at right now! I’ll definitely keep updating on progress, especially over on ig stories for quick updates as the house actually goes up! We do have a tentative date for move in. But I have a different one that factors in whatever new delay may come😂



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