Hilton At The Ballpark: The St. Louis Hotel With A Cardinal’s Eye View

All it takes is a few moments in St. Louis to see how much baseball is intertwined in its culture. The city lives and breathes with the Cardinals, their major league team. Right in the heart of downtown, a few blocks from the iconic arch, and next to the sprawling stadium and village, you can stay at the perfect hotel to experience it all- Hilton At The Ballpark.

The view from my hotel room! (This is what’s behind me in that first pic)

I’ve visited St. Louis many times and been to many baseball games at Busch Stadium, but always stayed outside of the city. So when a group of my baseball obsessed family were all visiting at once we decided to see a game and do a full downtown experience.

Going to the game first we had a great view of the hotel, and then afterwards when we checked in and got to our room we had an unbelievable view of the field. It’s called Hilton At The Ballpark for its location but my gosh we could have watched the entire game from our cozy room!

Now even if you get a room on the other side, you won’t be missing out. Just a few blocks to the other side of the hotel is the Gateway Arch–St. Louis’ most famous landmark.

Inside the hotel they stay true to the baseball theme. EVERYTHING is baseball related- quotes, artwork, history- they’ve got it all.

They also have a Starbucks (which is a Carefree & Coffee Requirement!) so on my morning trip for coffee I was caught by surprise to find a Fredbird wandering around the lobby on a gameday!! I don’t think there’s ever been anything more *me* than a trip to Starbucks followed by a laugh with an MLB mascot.

There is no escaping the baseball theme. And I absolutely love it!

The hotel rooms themselves aren’t very large, but they are nice, clean & stocked with everything you could need. I had a room with two beds and there was still space for a small side table plus a tv on a long desk. The bathroom was pretty big too with a tub and shower. It’s not really a hotel for hanging out in the room all day, but that’s the point. When you’re in the middle of downtown you’re gonna want to be going out to see & do everything.


Both of the un-pictured walls were COVERED in baseball artwork!

I already mentioned the Starbucks, but that’s not the only place to eat. Hilton At The Ballpark has both a Bistro & a Pizzeria great for Lunch or Dinner. The absolute must-do though is to go up to top of the hotel and have a drink at 360 Rooftop Bar.

Just like the name suggests you have a full 360 view of the entire city. It is gorgeous and the drinks are fantastic! Pricing is on the high side, but it’s worth it. And I don’t say that about food/drinks often! There isn’t a better way to spend the evening.

If you’re in St. Louis for baseball, this definitely the place to stay.  But if you’re not there for the game, it’s still the place to get the best full St. Louis experience.

Make sure to check out the Hilton At The Ballpark website for all the info & to book your stay. 🙂

For a full St. Louis itinerary check out my post all about how to spend a day in the city. This hotel is right in the middle of everything!

If the baseball scene isn’t for you, or you want to be in a different part of the city, check out my review on the St. Louis Union Station hotel. They converted the old train station and created a place to stay that embraces the history of the city. It’s magical!


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  1. Sounds like a great place to stay, for the views and more. And I love rooftop bars, so I am pretty sure I would like it here

    Published 4.2.18
  2. Marcie wrote:

    Oh how fun! I’ve never been to St. Louis before but my husband has. I keep hearing about toasted ravioli!

    Published 4.2.18
  3. Michelle wrote:

    What a beautiful hotel, I haven’t been to a hotel that tall and right in the middle of downtown before. I would love that experience one day.

    Published 4.3.18
  4. Ressa wrote:

    Sounds like an amazing experience! I never stayed at the Hilton before, crazy to believe! I’ll have to look into it if I’m ever in St Louis!

    Published 4.3.18
  5. golu dolls wrote:

    looking good

    Published 8.2.18