Grey Off-The-Shoulder Top


I’m all for going big and going bold with clothes. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now then you’ve seen just how bright it can get. That doesn’t mean totally avoiding simple and classic though. Sometimes an outfit with very little flair can have big effect! There’s always a time or a mood when toning it down gives you the impression you want to make. When I found this grey off-the-shoulder top I just knew that it was what I needed to off-set my colorful closet.

The neckline on this top is sooo flattering. It’s off shoulder enough to highlight collar bones and shoulders, but not so far down the arm like a lot of cold shoulder cuts this year. There seems to be a big divide right now between choker necklines or totally off shoulder. While I definitely have tops with both of those trends, I think that the middle ground is still a gorgeous choice!

The 3/4 length sleeve is great too for something different and it goes so well paired with high-waisted shorts. Black high-waisted shorts are another simple and classic piece that every closet needs. When worn together you get an outfit that would work for so many different occasions! Especially if you change up the shoes and purse.

You can find the top at Nordstrom: Grey Off-The-Shoulder

&& the black denim shorts: Free People High Rise

Since I can’t totally give up my colors I broke out my favorite floral wedges. They’re from last year but I found a couple other pairs that are super pretty.

Floral Wedges/Striped Wedges

Also, I have this clutch in multiple colors. I love the size, the fact that it has a strap that can be taken on and off, and it has a big zipper pocket!


I’ve been listening to the new Katy Perry and Linkin Park albums while working this week. There’s been so much new music lately and there’s still a few more albums coming out in the next couple weeks. I haven’t been able to keep up! What album has come out this year that you’ve loved?! Or what album are you impatiently waiting for?! I’ve got a countdown for Imagine Dragons!!



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  1. Shawna wrote:

    This looks super cute on you!

    Published 6.17.17