Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

So the pouting is over because Summer weather came back this week. Thank you weather gods!!

Really though for as much as I love the sun, Tina loves it MORE. She will sit at the slider door and wait to be let out JUST so she can curl up in direct sun and take a nap. More than once we’ve had to bring her in ourselves and get her to hydrate because she’ll be like burning hot to touch.

I suppose she had to learn it from somewhere💁

In fact after these pictures we stayed outside and cuddled together for a while. Or she decided she didn’t want to get up and I was trapped. That’s a possibility..

I make and drink iced passion tea all Summer, every Summer, and I add bit of lemonade powder to it for sweetness. (Thanks for the idea Starbucks😘) This year though I’ve already been buying lemonade in bulk from Costco so I’m just making my own mixes with that.

And it doesn’t matter how hot it gets, fuzzy socks will be worn year round!! Maybe I’ll bring it down to low cut slippers but the feet will be covered. Works at even better when I do something stupid(my mom laughed at me & told me I needed a better story🙊) and snap a toenail that then has to be bandaged up and covered for a while. Oops.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite summer drink to make is!!



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