Gift Guide For The Person Who Is Always Organized (2019)

We all have that one person in our life who is to always organized and has it all together. Or you are that person and you never ever take for granted the tools that help you keep that organization! I’m definitely that friend which means this gift guide was put together from my own knowledge and wish lists!

But first I’m going to need you to go bookmark this page. Let’s be real, if you’re not the organized friend then it’s probably way too early for you to be shopping. So save this page and you’ll be so grateful when you’re scrambling later! And if these are the kinds of gifts you want for yourself, you’ll have it saved to send to those friends when they finally get around to it. Then we can sit around sipping our wine and basking in the lack of stress of having everything already taken care of 🙂

1. Staedtler Fineliners Pens 20 Assorted Colours w/ Pencil Case
Honestly I think that buying someone else a planner is a terrible idea. We all have our perfect system and have probably spent years & years finding the exact planner that works for us. Good pens though are ALWAYS wanted. And ridiculously expensive. When there are so many cheap options for ~acceptable~ pens out there it can be really hard to splurge on the nice ones we actually want. Getting a nice set as a gift though is the absolute best! Staedtler is an AWESOME brand and this roll up pencil case is an amazingly handy way to keep them all together & organized!!

2. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
Thanks to her Netflix show, Marie Kondo was the IT topic for while this year. Maybe you’ve got a friend who was intrigued but never took the leap. Or a family member you wish would give her methods a try. Either way, Marie Kondo’s book is a great gift idea for someone who wants to know more.

3. 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer
Growing up I always kept my makeup in bags because I was either needing to take it places or simply had no room. While I have a bit more space now I love that this is more tower shaped so it doesn’t take up too much counter. Plus the rotation means all of my makeup and toiletries can be organized and displayed. A system like this was a game changer for my morning & evening routines!

4. Food Storage Container Lid Organizer
Some of the biggest fights my family has ever had have revolved around the container shelves/drawers & the disappearance of matching lids. I did buy a set with stacking lids last year that has helped. Something like this would be even better! I do genuinely want this for Christmas which is such a “oh I’m an adult now” type of present😂

5. Mint Mini Office Toolbox
This little kit is a PERFECT stocking stuffer. It’s mini of multiple things that are so nice to have around. It’s for an ‘office’ which it definitely would work for, especially if you work from home. I would also love having something like this in the ‘junk drawer’ of my house for easy access to ~weird~ things you always scramble to find when you need them.

6. Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider
I’ve been using these for years and I don’t think I’ll ever have a dresser without them! Underwear drawers can get so so messy. Socks get mixed with underwear, everything gets tangled with bras. These dividers are all made specifically for the best way to store each piece individually. It makes it way easier to find what you’re looking for too, especially stumbling around getting dressed if you’re not a morning person😬.

7. Polder Style Station
This is an item that I have used for close about 10 years now. It has served me well in bathrooms of every shape & size. Finding a spot for all my hair tools can be so tricky and space-consuming but giving up part of a towel rack solves every problem!

8. Poppin Sticky Memo Ball
I swear by sticky notes. You can find them ALL over my office, kitchen, bedroom…literally everywhere. So I love how cute & fun this little memo note ball is. A great stocking stuffer for anyone who has an office or is like me with an over-dependence on leaving notes😅.

9. Meal Planner Pad w/ Tear-Off Grocery List
Whether you already meal prep or are making it a new years resolution, this meal planning pad is a wonderful accessory to help you out. Not only can you sit and plan for the week(s) but the tear-off grocery list is SO useful.

10. Mesh Desk Organizer
Don’t let yours, or anyone, desk become a cluttered unorganized mess. Please. It will drive me crazy lol. So a simple organizer is a great gift to make sure everything has a place to go.

11. 4 Piece Organizer Wall Decal Kit
Maybe you’re like me and just need a visual not on a phone screen for notes and schedules. Or maybe you need a place for your family to work together to keep it all organized. Either way, this wall decal set will let you keep track of everyone & everything while still keeping your home décor in style.

12. Travel Electronic Organizer
I cannot STAND when I’m traveling and all of my cords get tangled together. My family has always been very tech friendly which means a mess of various things that seemingly need to be wrapped around each other no matter what I try to do. Having a case where everything has its own spot and stays in its own lane is such a relief. Especially when it can then be zipped up and easily packed into any kind of bag.



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  1. What a great guide.. I love all the awesome deals..

    Published 11.11.19
  2. Tracey wrote:

    Great ideas!!! I need all of them for myself!

    Published 11.11.19
  3. Ashley wrote:

    I have the pens and use them ALL the time. I’ve purchased a smaller pack and then gone back for a large pack with more colors. LOVE!

    Published 11.11.19
  4. This is such a great post idea! I have so many new ideas of things to get my very Type A organized friends!

    Published 11.11.19
  5. Great gift guide girl! Thanks for sharing your picks! #scsister

    Published 11.11.19
  6. Kate wrote:

    As a big planner person, this gift guide is for me! Love that you chose this as a theme; I haven’t seen it before.

    Published 11.16.19
  7. Caroline wrote:

    As an organized person, I know I would love to receive all of these!

    Published 11.16.19