From Running to Running Errands


One of my favorite parts of moving so far has been how much time I get to spend outdoors. I’ve always preferred working out doing more ~natural~ things over using gym equipment. The treadmill is basically my arch nemesis…and it’s perfect because literally minutes from my house are a plethora of hikes & trails.

That meant I needed to update my wardrobe though because my workout gear isn’t super transitionable. (I don’t think that’s actually a word but we’re just gonna go with it)

I need outfits that I can wear when I leave my house in the morning knowing I’m going to go for a run or hike before taking care of whatever business I need to do. These leggings are great because they look a little more professional for being out in public. Funny what a zipper can do😂 then it’s easy to just toss on a jacket and hat.

Boom, whole new look ready for the rest of my day!!

Lately I’ve also been trying to not use heat on my hair….it was getting pretty damaged😬😬 so the hat & pig tails looks has been my go-to. Pretty thankful I’ve been building up my baseball cap collection!

Naturally my hair does this weird wavy/straight combo that just looks like a mess so I’ve straightened or curled it on a regular basis. Since the move has taken up all of my time though it was a good chunk of time to let it stay natural and heal for a while. I’ll have things coming up that will require doing it again but it’s such a relief how much nicer shape it’s in now!

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