Friday Favorites-June 2017


I’ve decided to start a new monthly post on the blog where at the end of the month I’ll talk about a few random things that I have been absolutely loving! One of those things will always be a playlist of whatever music has been getting the most replays over the month as well. These posts may be random, or the may have a theme, but be sure to let me know in the comments what you think!

*This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase one of the products, I may receive monetary compensation at NO extra cost to you!

1. Fuzzy Socks

I know, I know, who doesn’t love fuzzy sock?! But when I was trying to find a solution for something that would keep my feet warm, and not cause me to nearly kill myself on tile floors, I found out about fuzzy socks with grippies on the bottom. GAME CHANGER. Now I can be cute, comfy, and firmly stuck to the ground when I walk around my house.

2. Trader Joe’s Nut Bars

I’m super picky about the kind of granola I like so finding any kind of ‘bar’ to keep around as a snack has always been a challenge. Finding these bars at Trader Joe’s that are nut based, and dairy & gluten-free have made my life so much less stressful. The ingredients are really simple and the chocolate makes it feel like a treat!

3. Baseball Caps

I’ve always been a baseball fan so caps were around, but generally only in relation to like going to a Mariner game. As they’ve come around to actually be in ‘trend’ with cute colors and styles I decided to give it a shot. It’s super nice to be able to throw on in the summer during a not-so-great hair day, plus lace detail(like the one I have on in the pic & the one I linked) is really cute!

4. Printiki Photo Printing

This one has a whole blog post dedicated to it! This month got the opportunity to use this photo printing service to decorate my office. I love love love seeing pics from Carefree & Coffee on my walls and on a vision board I made to keep myself motivated. They make it really easy for you. Connect directly to your social media so you get the best of your pics!

5. Friday Favorites-June 2017 Playlist

So many artists & bands have been releasing new music lately! It’s actually hard to keep up with it all. A few have immediately hooked me though-the new All Time Low album has essentially been on repeat all day, every day. There’s also a mix of my favorite songs¬†from Linkin Park, Katy Perry, and Lorde.


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  1. Courtney wrote:

    I have followed you on Spotify! Love that you included a playlist for the month. I typically create one new playlist every month as well! I adore fuzzy socks and am starting to see the trend with the baseball caps. There are quite a wide selection of cute styles now. Happy July!


    Published 7.1.17
    • Alison wrote:

      Thanks Courtney!

      Published 7.1.17
  2. Sarah wrote:

    Oh, man! Linkin Park takes me back to my high school days. Love your playlist!

    Published 7.1.17
  3. Love this post! I’ve been living in baseball hats lately! (Also you make a fire playlist girl)

    Published 7.1.17
    • Alison wrote:

      Thanks! Baseball caps are really a cute time-saver this summer!

      Published 7.1.17