Fourth Of July Prep 2019

Quick post today because tomorrow is my favorite day of the year!!

Now the Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday, mostly because I had a routine with the whole day planned out with family & friends in one of my favorite cities. Unfortunately it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to go(sometimes growing up sucks!) but that hasn’t taken away my love of the day. As long as I’ve got sun, barbecue, & family it’s always gonna be a good day.

If you’re scrambling for a last minute recipe I have the PERFECT thing. It’s no bake, 3 ingredients, and people always freak out about it. I first post about American Flag Fruit Kabobs a couple years ago(here’s the link!) and I still crack up at the fact that the first time I made these no one would eat them because they were afraid to mess it up. My best friend & I who had made it then had to attack it ourselves so everyone else would actually take a kabob.

The Fourth of July is always more fun spent with your friends and I was super lucky to get to spend it with my best friend for multiple years. Now were adults and live nowhere near each other but we’ll always have our crazy stories from all the holidays we spent together!

Before taking on the 2 mile run

Waiting for the parade to start! aka the moments you spend with your bestie just killing time😜

Starbucks, sunnies, & a book–it’s like the outdoor Ali trifecta! Also pre-kindle which was a scary time…

I’ve also found few playlists for the day. Whether you want an “America” vibe or just some Summer hits- here’s a few options for all your Fourth of July fun!!



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