Laze Around At Home: Crop Sweatshirt & Fleece-Lined Leggings

Pink Hoodie // Fleece-Lined Leggings

I’m definitely a home-body so having a mass amount of leggings and casual wear is super important. I love planning outfits whenever I go somewhere but I also want to have cute options for lazing around at home!! As the temperature is dropping I got o re-stock one of my most-worn Fall/Winter items: fleece-lined leggings!

Obviously at this point we all probably have a ridiculous amount of leggings since they’re become a huge trend. But I like to mix it up to have some different options. I’m very vocal about how much I dislike ever being the slightest bit cold, which is why I’m such a fun of soft & toasty fleece-lined leggings. They still have the sleek look on the outside but omg they’re soo comfortable it doesn’t even feel like being stuck in pants.

I have this problem where if something is pink I have to try it on whenever I’m shopping. So a trip to Nordstrom Rack led to this fuzzy crop hot pink hoodie and I’ve just been waiting & waiting for it to be cold enough to wear!


My pups are always around when I’m working on the blog so when I wanted to take pics of this outfit in my office, they jumped right in LOL. They’re such cuddly things & they both love attention so much. Basically if anyone is home then they’re going to have pups either under-foot or just fully in their laps!

This past Sunday we celebrated one-year of Tina (pink collar!) being part of our family! She’s a golden retriever that was a breeder dog but we adopted her when she was being retired. She’s the one I always call Piggy because she makes the weirdest noises all the time!

The other one not pictured as much is Corey (full name: Coriolanus) and he’s my 9-year-old fluffy Goldendoodle. And he’s very much My Boy no matter what anyone else in my family thinks 🙂

I figured since they’re in my Insta stories a lot it was time to actually introduce the pups so you’ll know who I’m talking about!



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  1. Looks so comfy! I’m also one for cute, comfortable outfits! I’m a stay at home mom and am always on the go, I want to be dressed cute, not frumpy! Cute pups too!

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