Fashionable Business Casual

Off-Shoulder Top // Dark Wash Jeans

Fuschia Heels // Leopard Clutch

As you’ve seen on Insta, a few weeks ago I went to a Create & Cultivate conference. It was such cool experience but it was also really fun to see everyone’s take on their fashionable business casual dress code! Business casual has some pretty set limits but adding the word fashionable opens up a whole new world of options!

I found this top by accident thanks to a trip to Express. Killing time by wandering around a mall is generally not the best idea, but since I did have an event coming up I justified new clothes for it LOL.

I’ve seen some people say they’re getting tired of off-shoulder/cold shoulder/one-shoulder tops but I’m still a big fan. I personally like the different cuts & looks from changing up the necklines. Regular button-up blouses are a staple and while they can be cute they are everywhere. Making it off-shoulder makes it much more fun.


Create & Cultivate Seattle was such a fun day, and not just because of keynote speakers like Mandy Moore & Brooklyn Decker. (Although they were INCREDIBLE!) It’s an event geared toward women in many different fields which means it wasn’t just focused on blogging or business. Instead it had panels on a wide variety of topics that could then be translated into whatever area you were interested in.

Here’s part of what my schedule looked like. Being a blogger I found the panels on Radical Creativity and ‘Tag, Snap, Stories’ the most immediately helpful. But my mentors during power hour were a woman who has been with a start-up from the ground floor and a woman who created her own business on a whim. These might not be directly related to me but they still had valuable insight about ways to take my blog forward, and they were one of my favorite parts of the day!

I highly recommend attending any of the Create & Cultivate events if they come to your area. An event full of networking, lessons, and even new friendship is definitely worth your time.

If you have any questions about the conference itself or my experience please let me know! I’m happy to talk about it and if there’s a lot of interest I’ll definitely put together a full post about it. Just leave a comment or send a message to  carefreeandcoffee@gmail.com !!!



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  1. I don’t think I could ever get tired of cold shoulders, off the shoulders or one shoulder tops and dresses. BEST TREND EVER! Great fashionable business casual look…which honestly, I have never heard about until I read this post. Great look.

    Thrifting Diva

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