Exploring Spokane: Manito Park

Approaching the end of July means I am coming up on 4 months of living in Spokane. You can read a bit about the move in this post, but basically it happened a lot faster than we had anticipated. This made the first month or so of living in a new place more about trying to get the family(aka the pups) settled into a rental house, getting all the rest of our stuff moved and shoved into a bunch of storage units, and then kicking off the plans on our more permanent living situation. Exploring wasn’t high on our list of to-do’s.

Once things did finally settle down we dove right into really getting to know Spokane. I was excited going into the move and OMG it has exceeded my very high expectations!! I’ve always lived in or very near big cities(Seattle, Vegas, Phoenix) and I’ve also loved taking vacations into the wilderness to escape it. Spokane is pretty much the best of both worlds at the same time!! I was a little afraid the city itself would feel to “small town” for me, that hasn’t been a problem AT ALL. But the very best part is just how accessible outdoors is. Not only are there sooo many parks in and around the city, there’s also mountains and hiking galore just outside city limits. I have like 10 different parks & trails within 10 minutes of my house, and full mountains less than an hour away.

Guys, Spokane is AMAZING.

These pictures were taken at one of the more popular parks called Manito Park. This is just one of the gardens! There’s also a separate rose garden, lilac garden, conservatory, and Japanese garden. Then add in a pond, playgrounds, a few big open fields, and trails/roads throughout the whole thing. In fact after I took these pictures I changed in the car and my mom & I went for a longg walk around the whole thing! We do that a lot now and it was SUPER crowded so we’re not the only ones😂

If you’re visiting Spokane and are willing to leave the downtown area it’s a really fun place to explore! It’s in the South Hill area which is only about 5 minutes away from downtown. You learn quickly that nothing is that far away here!

I’m trying not to get to attached to first places I find because I’m afraid I’ll just fall into a routine and not go explore the rest of the area! I personally think one of the best parts of moving is that adventure of figuring out somewhere new. When you live in one place for too long you can lose that urge to explore!

I can’t wait to share more of Spokane with you all!


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