The Double Duty Backpack I LOVE!!

I’m always taking my laptop with me places so I’ve needed to find bags that can keep up. I’ve also always found backpacks to be the easiest bag to travel with. So about a month ago when one of my favorites had its zipper break open on a Spokane➡️Seattle➡️Spokane trek I was desperate!!

Then I found this bag right away (thanks DSW!!) and it QUICKLY became my new favorite. It’s the perfect size for short/day trips when I mostly just need my laptop, a few notebooks, and a few snacks🙃 That front zipper pocket is literally full of fruit snacks and granola bars😂

I really love how casual the style is because it uhh matches the way I live my life lol and if I need a ~nicer~ option I do own a different backpack to choose. Black & slouchy is absolutely what I’m personally going to need on a regular basis though.

And we do need to get to the best part of the bag, which is it’s “double duty” nature. Once everything I need is in a bag it can start getting heavy. Totes are great and I do use them a lot but they also wear on my shoulder and back pretty quickly. This perfect little bag though also has regular top handles that snap together so you can just carry it around ~regularly~

Having that versatility is so nice when I know I’m going to be out for longer than just a trip to the coffee shop to get some work done. And while I haven’t used the feature yet, it also has a zipper pocket in the back that you can store a jacket in!

I may be done with classes now, hopefully forever🤞, but this bag would have been perfect for my college days. Some things never change though and one of them is that I will always want a backpack to keep my laptop with me at all times!!

Were you a backpack or tote bag person in school?? Do you still use backpacks now?? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Chocoviv wrote:

    Such a cool backpack!

    Published 6.20.19
    • Alison wrote:

      It’s so great!

      Published 6.24.19