What I’m Most Excited To Watch On Disney+

I was so so naïve to think I could put the blanket down in front of the fireplace and not immediately have to sacrifice it into a dog bed😂😂

That’s okay though because the pups and I have been curling up every evening this week to dive into Disney+!!!!

Ever since the announcement I’ve been mentally making a list of everything I was excited to see. Mostly the older stuff, the Disney Channel shows & movies that I fully grew up with. Maybe every kid thinks this but I truly feel like I got to experience the golden age of the Disney Channel. DCOM Friday’s we’re THE THING to do. Talking at school about what the new one was going to be, the anticipation of waiting for the Friday night release…It was so good.

The tv shows too had such an impact. I don’t know if I can ever explain how much I loved Kim Possible and everything it meant to me.

Disney made so much sense from the start for it’s own streaming. Simply for the vast amount of content is has created throughout a span of time that is truly incredible. Which is why it’s been almost overwhelming to adventure through this week.

When I put this post on my calendar to be scheduled I had NO CLUE how I was going to break it down. I’ve decided the best way, like always, is categories😉 So here are the shows & movies I am MOST excited to watch on Disney+.

New Disney+ Releases

-Noelle: Anna Kendrick & Bill Hader is basically my dream casting. I would’ve watched anything with them in it🙈 Luckily I got a super adorable Christmas movie that actually melted my grinchy heart. This was also the very first thing I watched on Tuesday after signing up lol.
-The Mandalorian

-Forky Asks A Question: I can’t help it. I’ve got a major soft spot for Forky

Disney Channel Shows I Grew Up With

Kim Possible
Hannah Montana: My best friend and I LOVED this show. We sang the songs together all the time😂
Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Lizzie McGuire: This is what dreeeaaammmssss are made offffff
That’s So Raven

Disney Channel Original Movies

(I’m sorry I couldn’t stop on this one)
High School Musical: Duhh! Sharpay was my girl
Cadet Kelly
Zenon Girl of the 21st Century
Smart House
Camp Rock
Cheetah Girls
Go Figure
Stuck In The Suburbs
Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off
The Luck of the Irish
Lemonade Mouth


Animated Classics

The Aristocats
Atlantis The Lost Empire: We really, as a society, don’t talk about this movie enough
A Bug’s Life
The Emperor’s New Groove


Modern Animated Movies

Winnie The Pooh: The 2011 movie is SO GOOD. I need you all to know that I watched it again this week and still absolutely LOST IT at the ‘knot’ jokes.

Frozen: I watched it again this week in anticipation of the new movie!! I’m so excited!!
Big Hero 6

Live Action Movies

All of the MCU. Just all of it lol. I’ve even ranked them for you already!
Into The Woods
A Wrinkle In Time
10 Things I Hate About You

Cool Runnings: I was obsessed with this movie when I was younger. It’s soo funny!!
Princess Diaries
The Pacifier


Other Misc. TV Shows

the muppets.: Okay this was on ABC for one season and cancelled so fast but I thought it was HILARIOUS. I guess I was the only one but I’ve already started watching it again this week lol.
Agent Carter

Okay so that’s the content I’m starting with…there’s still soooo much more great stuff!!
Let me know in the comments what show or movie you’re most excited to watch!!



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