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I spent this last weekend in Spokane, the lesser known “other side” of Washington. Seattle may be the big city but if you get the chance to visit Spokane I highly recommend it!! The downtown area is very fun and versatile. Lots of shopping, parks, and even a good nightlife thanks to the multiple colleges that are around. Or if you’re outdoorsy take a look at all the mountains, rivers, and lakes just a quick drive away. Seriously give this city a chance if you’re in the Pacific Northwest.IMAG2597_editedIMAG2602_editedIMAG2625_editedIMAG2595_editedIMAG2607_BURST022_edited


Anyways now that my love for the area is out there, let’s talk about how I spent my time. I was in town for a convention being held at the Historic Davenport, which was absolutely gorgeous. The detail and extravagnace was incredible, a big reminder of the differences between now and long ago when it was being built. One of the best bars in the city, The Peacock Room Lounge, is located in the hotel and we spent most evenings there. They have a large beer, wine, and cocktail menu-my personal favorites were a huckleberry reisling and ‘The Jazzy Jezebel’ which was a citrus/melon cocktail(pictured above!).

As for lodging I actually stayed just across the street at the Davenport Lusso. The Lusso is a lot smaller and more like a boutique hotel but I absolutely loved it. The room wasn’t large but it certainly never felt small. Everything was very bright and open and felt plenty spacious. Plus the bathroom was massive which always makes things nicer. There was free wi-fi and my room also had a keurig with to-go cups so I was caffeine-fueled and ready to go each moring.

One of the best things about staying at the Davenport was its location. Just 2-3 blocks away were multiple resteraunts and a mall. It took less than 5 minutes to leave the hotels and walk to anything we wanted to do in our spare time. I love being able to walk everywhere, not having to worry about driving or getting a car, so this was a big plus.

Keep an eye out for more posts about things to do in Spokane!


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