Crew Necks & Cloudy Days

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Since most of my summer has been spent at home, I’ve adopted a comfort-focused wardrobe, with crew necks being my go-to every morning. It doesn’t matter how warm it gets, I’ll always be complaining it’s too cold. Especially with the air conditioning wars that go on, wars that I always lose lol. Thankfully I found some comfy ones under $20 so I mostly just pick which color to wear. I’m totally on board with purple/violet sticking around for a while!

This weekend though some storms rolled in and I was the only one prepared to take on the rain, so really, I always win 🙂

Also I picked up these boots last Winter and completely adore them! Most of my fuzzy boots are tall but I ended up wearing these shorter ones wayyy more than I thought I would. I’m excited to have them for Fall this year because they’ll be great for transition outfits!


We’ve also got a storm going on inside the house where my dog that’s ten years old has just now discovered splashing in his water bowl for fun. He just makes eye contact and swats at it making the BIGGEST mess. I have to wash like a full load of towels every other day!! And we can’t yell at him because the other pup is terrified of raised voices so yelling at him traumatizes her. I even tried getting a little kiddie pool to keep in the backyard but he has no interest in playing in that. I’m pretty sure he’s just messing with us now.

Has anyone else had a dog start doing this when they were older?? If so, tell me your secrets please! Before we totally lose our dining area to a flash flood 😬



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