Colorful Denim For Spring

the pups being helpful as always


We’ve finally had three sunny days in a row which basically means we can say we did have a Spring no matter what else happens until Summer. While the sun is always cause for celebration though, the temperature has still been less than ideal. I wear jeans alllll the time so I need a way to transition them into new seasons without being able to switch to shorts. That’s where colorful denim comes in!

As you can see above, I have no shortage of colorful denim in my closet. I just think jeans are SO comfortable and I’d really wear variations of them every single day if I could! The sharp colors help brighten the entire outfit especially because I have a lot of neutrals to pair with it to really make a pop.

I’ve always liked neon, and thanks to cheerleading I don’t mind sticking out, so I say the brighter the better!! But I totally understand that it can be too much for some people-white, grey, and pastel are a great way to add the flair without being as ‘in your face’ as some of my links!

Denim can get pricey but luckily some of the most comfortable pairs I own are from not-so-expensive stores like Old Navy and Charlotte Russe. I’d rather pay less and get more pairs than pay a lot for just one or two!

Old Navy Rockstar Pop-Color is one of my favorite lines and now they have some ‘ripped’ options as well. This is what my blue ripped jeans are in the middle pics above and you can get full outfit details here-“Espresso Then Prosecco” Old Navy Graphic Tee

For outfit details on the outfit in the last two pics check out Topshop Long Sleeve Crop Top

Charlotte Russe is another great inexpensive option and they actually have a dedicated Colored Jeans section on their website.

Next are two more pairs that are a bit more expensive. This True Religion pair is just a gorgeous color. And this Topshop pair is like a highlighter yellow and completely over the top but I LOVE them! Don’t be surprised if they show up on the blog at some point because I’m head over heels for them. They’re ridiculous but I can’t get enough!


Trying to shoot my hot pink jeans was a total mess with the pups running around! With the nicer weather they’ve been playing outside a lot more and that’s all they wanted to do while I was trying get pics. It’s definitely easier to just let them be incorporated than try to keep them out of frame!


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  1. Wendy wrote:

    I love your style! These types of denim are perfect. My favorite is the pink color, so pretty for Spring.

    Published 4.24.17
    • Alison wrote:

      I’ve had the pink forever but I can’t get rid of them because I won’t stop wearing them! It’s too fun!

      Published 4.27.17
  2. chelsea wrote:

    This is great that you show a way to pair & style denim jeans, especially colored ones! I am not a jeans type of gal though haha, I have been wearing leggings practically everyday for the past year honestly.. I love leggings though because you can kinda mix it up & dress them up. But this is great, thanks for sharing!

    Published 4.25.17