Cold Shoulder Cocktail Dress


Do you ever just find the perfect dress for a specific event and then spend every day staring at it longingly in your closet until it’s finally time to wear it?! That was totally me with this sparkly cold shoulder cocktail dress! I finally got to wear it last weekend and it was just as cute and cozy as I had imagined.

Side-note: I found my dress at a sale in store and cannot find it anywhere online!! I’ve looked and looked and it’s seriously like it didn’t exist except to magically appear for me when I needed it. I’m going to keep looking so someday I can link the exact one for you, and I’ll be sure to update this post and let everyone know on social media. 

Beyond just finding something for one event, I realized how nice it’s going to be to have a classic cocktail dress in my closet for any future event or night out that might come up. Cold shoulder is totally in trend, and hopefully staying that way, so I found a bunch of dress options that combine all of these things to make for the perfect outfit to have waiting and ready to go.

MSK Embellished

This dress is very simple and classic with just a bit of embellishment on the straps. It’s also available in a few different colors.

Karen Kane Bell Sleeve

Adds a bell sleeve for some fun and flair to a pretty and simple design.

Connected Polka Dot

If polka dots are your thing this black and white dress is so fun and so perfect.

Xscape Rhinestone Bodycon

A little different since it’s a bodycon this dress adds rhinestones for all your glam chic needs.

INC Floral


A thin strap and floral design makes this one seasonal and casual.


I love my grey booties. The really low ankle height makes it go with just about any length of pant or dress. The wedge heel means its super easy to walk around in which is always nice for an event you’ll have to be on your feet for. I’ve had mine for about a year now and they’ve transitioned through every season so incredibly well! I definitely recommend adding a pair to have as a closet staple!!


As the weather finally started to reach actual warmth I’ve realized that where my office sits in the house means it gets turned into a freaking sauna during the day! So just know that as I’ve been writing all these posts, I’ve also been slowly melting away lol. It’s supposed to start raining again tomorrow though which means I’m really just in a state of constantly complaining about everything weather-related!


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