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I think everyone has that one item of clothing that’s a go-to, that feels safe and easy, and is an automatic grab in the morning. I know so many dress & maxi skirt people who look cute all the time! and swear they’re so comfortable and easy! NO THANK YOU. 

For me, it’s all about the denim. Every single morning is the same variation of how will I plan an outfit around jeans today?! Which is why my closet is stocked with just about every color and style imaginable. But discovering the magic of coated denim added a whole new layer to denim obsession 🙂

With coated denim you get a sleek and different look without sacrificing the comfort & simplicity of jeans. And those of you who don’t think denim is comfortable….I’m so sorry for everything you’re missing out on. Seriously, I could and practically do live in jeans, even around the house!!

I wear my black coated denim from Guess so much that I’m now on my second pair. But it’s on sale for only $35 right now so I’m def considering getting a pair in the Claret Red Wine color too! It’s soo pretty and would be so perfect for Fall!


So for those of you who don’t follow me on Insta, we’ve been doing a total rebuild of our deck over the summer. This weekend though we should finally finish the floor part! Every step is a little closer to no longer having to be afraid of losing a dog because someone forgets and opens the slider lol having a second story deck under construction is horribly nerve-wracking. It’ll look good when it’s done though which will hopefully be just a few weeks now!

Do you guys do home renovations yourself or do you want other workers in and out getting projects done?? We do most of them ourselves even knowing it’ll take a little longer. Let me know in the comments!


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