Charlotte Russe High-Waist Jeans


I can be really lazy in the morning which means if I haven’t previously planned out an outfit, the question becomes what will I wear with a pair of jeans. Luckily I have a stocked up wardrobe of different colors and styles so I can generally pull together something still cute and different in not much time.

These Charlotte Russe high-waist jeans I just picked up are probably going to get worn out by the time ‘shorts’ weather comes back around.  I’ve talked before about how much I love CR’s jeans for their price point, but they are truly comfortable and fit really well. It doesn’t feel like you’re going ‘cheap’.

It took me awhile to get on the high-waist train, and I’m still pretty picky about it, but I did find use for and fall a little in love with just the simple blue jean look. Honestly though, my love of crop tops made it inevitable.

These sunglasses are an absolute fave and I just found a great dupe for under $50! Check out these Quay Australia if the Ray-Ban’s are a little much! The super blue tint can be bold but it’s much less limiting than you think.



OMG did anyone watch the MLB Wild Card game last night?! It was so stressful! I think I’m in the minority but I LOVE the one game play-in. It’s always crazy, weird things happen, and it’s SO MUCH FUN!

Luckily the team I was rooting for won so the stress was worth it 🙂



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  1. I don’t love the high waisted Jean look on myself but they are super cute on you! Fit you just perfect. Going to have to check out CR next time I am at the mall.

  2. I always forget about Charlotte Russe! They have some awesome and affordable finds in there. I wish I had a waist because I love the high waist jeans + crop top look.

  3. So in love with those jeans! I had no idea Charlotte Russe was still in business (it was my JAM when I was in middle school). I need to make a trip there soon!

  4. After years of hating them, I recently fell in love with high waisted jeans… and then I got pregnant, lol! These look great on you, but I think I love your booties more!

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