Which C&C Pics And Posts Are Hot On Pinterest (February 2020)

Even before I started blogging I loved to spend time on Pinterest. Now that it’s a big part of driving traffic to my blog I use it even more, and a bit differently. These days I do more than just pin any & everything I like, I also pour over the analytics so I can see what people are searching for and why they’re coming over here to Carefree & Coffee!

That’s why I thought it would be fun to put a post together that’s a few of my most popular posts and pins right now. That way you all can kind of get an idea of what’s popular at the moment along with a little behind the scenes of how I’ll use these trending pins to update and plan more content!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Here’s a post that always picks up this time of year, which makes sense since tulip season is around the corner! The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is about an hour or two north of Seattle(gotta factor in that traffic😉) and one of the biggest in the Pacific Northwest. Instagram has really pushed tulip festivals to new levels of popularity but luckily I had this great one nearby when I lived in the Seattle area. This travel guide covers tips, tricks, where to eat & stay, basically everything you need if you want to visit when the flowers bloom in April! And if you can’t wait that long the same area actually has a ton of Daffodil fields blooming in March.

Because the festival takes place in April I always update this post at the beginning of every year. That generally lines up with when it starts to go viral again as people start to think and plan for Spring. Travel guides don’t need to much updating so it’s usually a quick look and a few new fresh pins!

Leather Leggings & Plaid Top

Such a basic outfit but also so cozy and cute! This one gets a big push with people looking for leather leggings outfit ideas. I totally get it, they’re the best. Outfits that have basic staple pieces like this are ones that I will actually go through and update when I notice them getting a lot of traffic. Also, knowing people are interested in this outfit I’ll try to think up more ideas for posts that can be helpful, like maybe a future # Of Ways To Style Leather Leggings.


polka dots & oversized sweaters
Outfits like this getting a lot of attention is GREAT for me personally because it’s basically the outfit I want to wear at home all the time every single day lol. I LIVED in this sweater-legging combo last year during the frantic move and while getting everything settled in a new place. An outfit like this though I probably won’t do too much with except keep links updated when possible (Old Navy items are GREAT for staying in stock). It’s such a staple outfit that I know I’ll be posting newer versions both on the blog and on Instagram.


A basic satin cami is an ultimate staple piece to have in your wardrobe. This pinned a lot as a ~transition~ piece which is great! It is perfect for layering under just about anything and then it can work with jeans, shorts, etc. It’s an item that’s worth getting multiple, I have it in a few different colors. I’ve been getting this cami from Express for years so a couple of days ago when I noticed it picking up views I went back to the Express website, found this years version, and saved it so I can update posts AND be ready to link when I start wearing it again soon.


10 Things To Always Have In Your Carry On

This is one of my all time most viewed posts, probably because it is always in the top of my most viewed and engaged pins. It hits all the marks for something people are constantly, and directly, searching for. I like it (obviously😜) because it’s different then most other lists I’ve seen. I’ve been travelling since I was very very little so I’ve spent a long time figuring out exactly what is helpful and wanted, and not just what might be trendy or fun.
I update the links on this post every few months since it’s a constant source of new traffic. The fact that everything can be consistently is also a big perk because that means nothing I’m recommended is too ‘out there’ or hard to find. It’s basic items that are truly helpful in travel.

This picture and post was all about how to wear shearling boots in transition seasons. Which is a pattern right there that a few of my ‘hot’ pins are about transition items. Good for me to note with content planning! I LOVE fuzzy warm boots so I’m always looking for excuses to wear them as much as possible. I switch between Bearpaw and Uggs but there’s so many actual styles to choose from these days which is awesome. They do change frequently though so I’ll start looking for similar items, or this years styles, compared to what I own from previous years. Also it’s good to know that people still like shearling boots….because I’m never going to stop wearing them🙃


This is an example of an outfit that I’m not quite sure why it’s all over the place currently. When it’s item specific, not season or style, I usually just let it be. I’ll never complain about traffic🙈.  sometimes though it’s a pin that just needs to be left alone while it runs its course. Best case scenario, people find the blog and like my more recent styles and stick around!


This was one of my very first posts! My dad does DIY projects ALL THE TIME. When I needed a new headboard it was no surprise he was like “We’ll build one!!”. It’s also regularly my top engaged pin because it’s the answer to such a direct search. I go through and update the few links every couple of months but it’s a post that doesn’t require much upkeep. The biggest thing is making sure to keep an eye on the comment section for any questions people may have.

Recently I actually updated the headboard so it now has different fabric! Once I move into the new house I’ve got a whole plan to do a new photoshoot so the post can have a big update. I’m SO excited to show that off!!



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