#CapsOn For Major League Baseball Opening Day

Shout out to my favorite player!

My own playing days didn’t last very long but I’ve watched enough to know how to look the part lol


Today is one of my favorite days of the year, the start of a new baseball season!!!

I know, I know, for six teams it technically started yesterday. For Cubs fans who want to pretend like that it didn’t…TOO BAD. This Cardinal fan LOVED the walk off 🙂

Baseball is so different from other sports which is why you either love it or hate it. It’s a good thing I’ve loved it since I was little because I’ve been surrounded by it my whole life. My family has lived and breathed baseball for as long as I’ve had memories. Nearly every birthday I had growing up was spent in downtown Seattle for a Mariners game and now MLB Network stays on the TV nearly all day in the background. We’ve been counting down the days waiting for baseball to come back since the last out of the World Series.

Opening day is the starting line. It feels like it matters SO much. For one game everyone has the same record and anything is possible. Winners are psyched for the season and losers start doubting everything and everyone. But the seasons are long, I don’t think anyone disagrees with that. 162 games can lag, get repetitive, lose interest-but it’s also beautiful, and intense, and magical. A walk-off in the middle of July is cause for fireworks while a loss in September can feel devastating.

As a Cardinals fan I know what it’s like to win. Postseason is the norm and anything less than the World Series is a disappointment.

As a Mariners fan I know what it’s like to lose. Postseason is a far off dream and simply the idea of a World Series brings tears to my eyes.

Today MLB has declared it #CapsOn which means as I walk around in public I’ll share smiles with strangers, and here in Seattle they’ll be paired with a bright yellow shirt and a special “Happy Felix Day”.

Around the country caps and clothes will bring us all together in excitement and hope for the new season. We’re preparing ourselves for the marathon ahead. The inevitable ups and downs, hoping for many more ups and not very painful downs.

For my readers who aren’t fans-give a few games a chance. You have 6 months of games every day so it won’t be hard, and they spent the off-season working ways to speed up play. Look for the passion and the precision needed and see the difference needed it every position.

For my readers who are baseball fans-leave comments about your favorite teams and your favorite parts of the game. Follow me on Twitter today to show me your #CapsOn pics and stay to talk with me through the season!!

Check the schedules and get your own gear on the Major League Baseball website!

Play Ball!!



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  1. Being a Mariners fan, it is that tI me of the year when I say “hope springs eternal “. That is what the first day of baseball means to me.

    Published 4.3.17