Blush Cold Shoulder Dress


One of the great parts about living in the Seattle area is how gorgeous it is when the sun makes an appearance. We’re also very lucky to have all kinds of lakes around which means as soon as the weather is nice I’m running outside to soak up every minute of it! This blush cold shoulder dress was the perfect outfit for a day by the water.

Blush is SO in right now, which is perfect for me. I was obsessed with hot pink growing up(I blame my mom, pink is her favorite color), but blush is the perfect way for the color to grow up with me. It’s simple and mature and lets me keep pink in my closet but in a toned down way.

This dress is made of cotton and very flowy so it’s great for a more casual look. The cold shoulder adds a bit of detail but keeps it light and slouchy. It has a great length, right above the knee, which still makes my short-ish legs look a little longer.

A good straw hat is a must for bright days. Plus it dressed up my outfit just a bit and made it more suitable for outdoors. I love when the sun comes out but my eyes can’t handle it at all so I live in hats and sunglasses. Thankfully they usually just make everything cuter!! Yay functional accessories!!

I really need some new sunglasses because I’ve been switching between two pairs nearly everyday for months now! They’re both super cute but when I wear something that often I need more variety to switch it up. So don’t be surprised when there’s new pics on Insta soon of new shades lol it’s one of my biggest shopping weaknesses.



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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    I love cold shoulder and I love pink!! This is the perfect outfit!

    Alyssa || http://www.teddybearsandlipstick.com

    Published 7.28.17
  2. shannon wrote:

    i am in love with the bag and this dress is so sweet and casual! perfect!

    Published 7.29.17
  3. Michelle wrote:

    I am loving this blush casual look!

    Published 7.30.17