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Blue Sky Personalized Planner

Staying organized is my number 1 tip for everything! I mean, hello the first gift guide I wrote for the holidays last year was all about organizational tools LOL. I learned early on that keeping track of everything-schedule, to-do’s, notes, literally all of it-is the best way to stay on top of your days and keep stress to a minimum.

This is also the one thing that I don’t rely on technology for! Being able to physically write things down is a necessity for me personally. And that’s the thing when it comes to planners & notebooks, everyone is different in what they need and how they want it laid out.

*A big thanks to Blue Sky for sponsoring this post and allowing me try out their product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own experience and thoughts.

Finding the right style for yourself can be a never-ending journey. I’ve been using physical planners since elementary school and have been trying out new & different styles nearly every year because pre-made ones were never quite right or ridiculously expensive.

We all get very particular when it comes to what we need our organizational systems to do and that’s why Blue Sky has stepped in and created a new line of personalized planners & notebooks. Blue Sky already has an incredible line of organizational products- calendars, to-do notebooks, planners- but they understand how important it is to have a system that works exactly for you.

From the start everything about your personalized product is made to tailor perfectly to you. I knew that for 2018 I needed something that would mostly be for tracking my blog work. That’s why I picked a To-Do Notebook. You can also pick between a planner or a plain notebook, and pick the size. (The planner is dated the regular year & the school year which is AMAZING) 

Then you get into the creative part when you get to pick all the colors (even the binding!) and the size. It’s so so lovely that it’s not just personalized on the inside but that the cover is everything you want it be. Whether you just want style or you want it to inspire you every time you pick it up.

The bulk of the inside will be decided by whether you’ve gone for a planner or notebook. However, every personalization includes 5 free ‘add-ons’. Add-on examples are menu tracking, shopping lists, daily schedules, business card holder, snap-in ruler etc.

Here are what the business card holder & daily schedule add-ons look like! Since I went with a notebook the schedule is such a perfect bonus!

All of this is a lot, and while it’s so awesome to get to plan it all out, it can be scary to imagine what the cost of something like this might be….so here’s the best part! These retail from $24.99-$39.99. Completely unreal right?! I’ve spent SO much more on so much less trying to find the right thing.

Blue Sky is committed to combining fashionable and functional, and they blew me away on both counts. As we start off 2018, I highly recommend doing away with the stress of searching store after store for a planner that might work. Instead just go create yourself the planner of your dreams!

Shop all of Blue Sky here.

Start personalizing here.


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  1. Nicole wrote:

    😱 I wish I had known about this a month ago! I’m a planner-aholic and like you, typically try a new one each year. I’m in the honeymoon phase with mine right now but will definitely be looking into this for my next purchase!

    Published 1.8.18
  2. This post makes me realize how much I need a planner!

    Published 1.8.18
  3. i am planner obsessed and completely agree that it’s the best way to stay on top of it all! i never put anything in my phone, it all goes in my planner. i really like the way this blue sky planner is laid out.

    Published 1.8.18
  4. This is such a cool idea. I agree with you 100% on going old school with a planner. I tried to just use Google calendar a few years ago and ended up going back to a paper planner. It just works. Great ideas!

    Published 1.9.18
  5. Lauren wrote:

    I also hope to be organized and thoughtful in my blog planning for 2018. I believe when I put my goals down, I would be able to achieve them faster!

    Published 1.9.18