Bearpaw: Boots On A Budget

It may be ‘basic’ but I have loved the fuzzy boots look for as long as it’s been around!! Especially when I’d have to wear cheer outfits in December and those boots were the only source of warmth we got before and after games & competitions LOL.¬† But really, it wouldn’t be a joke if SO many of us didn’t wear them all the time! And really the joke is on the people who make fun of it because we get to wear the most comfortable & warm shoes in the Winter while everyone else can freeze.

Anyways…off of that little soapbox.

The problem is some brands of these boots can have prices that are…painful to say the least. Luckily early on I found Bearpaw and the brand has never let me down. They have a wide range of colors & styles at a price that my bank account finds much more manageable. Plus when I have the option to get a few different pairs for the same price as one expensive pair, I like having multiple options!

And the quality is definitely just as good. The grey pair pictured above is on year 3 and in just as good of shape and as year 1!



Also, the leather jacket in these pics is currently on sale for under $100! It has a detachable jersey hood that’s super cute and super easy to take on and off! I’ve talked about it before in this post and also rounding up my picks for the Nordstrom Fall Sale!


I binged the new season of Stranger Things over the weekend and just finished up Mindhunter too. I need some new Netflix shows to get started on now so leave me your rec’s in the comments please!


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  1. Ada wrote:

    You look warm, sweet and cozy. Love the boots and beanie.

    Welcome by and join my style linkup tomorrow and every Thursday!

    Published 11.8.17
  2. Julie N wrote:

    What a cute look! I love comfy, fuzzy boots, and Bearpaw is a reasonably priced brand.

    Published 11.9.17