American Flag Fruit Kabobs


I first made these American flag fruit kabobs a couple of years ago and they were a HUGE hit at my family’s Fourth of July BBQ. It’s so much fun going over the top with patriotic and festive for this holiday. Any and everything is better when it’s red, white and blue on the Fourth!

We used to do a big party and there would always be soooo much food. I wanted to do something healthy to add to the spread but when I was afraid fruit would be ignored so I wanted to have it make a statement! I’m all about going big for my favorite holiday!

These are super simple and a great way to let the kids get involved in meal prep.  One of the reasons this is my favorite holiday is because it was the one time of year I got to see a lot of my extended family. It’s the source of s many of my favorite memories with my family and I loved being involved from the time I was little to being one of the ‘grown-ups’ helping plan everything!


First you prepare the fruit. Wash the blueberries and strawberries, and peel the bananas. The amount of fruit needed is going to depend on how big your kebab sticks are and how spread out or squished you want the fruit to be.

Then get adults to help slice the strawberries in half, and the bananas into even slices.

Then start with your first stick and switch between strawberries and banana slices. Once you’ve filled it up to about 2/3 of the way, finish it off with blueberries.

Repeat this with the first 3-4 kabob sticks depending on how large you want your finished flag. More means bigger!

I used a cookie sheet to lay my flag out but a cute white platter would be much better if you have it!

Once you’ve decided you have enough sticks with blueberries, start making the kabob with only the bananas and strawberries. As you lay the flag out try to make sure the space between the fruit stays even so your stripes end up straight.

If you’re still looking for something to wear don’t forget to check out Fourth of July Outfit Inspo.

Do you have any traditions or recipes you always do on the Fourth of July?! I always love hearing about how other people spend the day! Let me know in the comments!!


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