Adidas NEO- The Best Casual Sneaker Line


With the rise of athleisure, the rise of casual but stylish sneakers has come into full force this year. And I am sooo on board with this! There’s plenty of options out there now but I personally cannot live without my Adidas NEO. As you’ve clearly been able to tell at this point, I have just a few different colors lol

I love wearing heels (they let me live with my illusion of being tall) but I also have a tendency to always be wandering around. Heels don’t always pair well with that and my feet are not happy by the end of the day. Having cute sneakers to slip on when I know there will be walking has been such a relief for my poor toes. That’s one of the great things about this new style of non-work out sneakers is that you can wear them with your regular outfits and they match, instead of looking like part of you is headed to the gym and the rest of you is ready for work, errands, etc.

Adidas NEO is a line that is simple and classic looking which makes it work so beautifully with various outfits! They are soo comfortable and lightweight!! It doesn’t feel like a heavy shoe that you’ll be clunking around in. And the variety of colors means you’ll be able to find a pair to go with anything. I personally wear the super basic black & white pair most. If you’re only getting on pair, that’s definitely the one you need. But the blush is gorgeous and totally in season, navy is really great for fall, and nude can go with just about everything.

As if I don’t have enough at this point lol I also have my eye on the light blue and grey for this summer. There’s just so many choices and I want them all! Luckily the price is totally affordable so I don’t feel too bad when I know that I wear them all the time. I promise you will too!

You can find the shoe in colors go here– navy, light blue, blush, grey, & burgundy.

You can find the shoe in black & white go here– white & black.


P.S. For outfit details simply click on the pics above and they’ll link you to my previous posts with all the info! 


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