Hi there! My name is Alison and welcome to Carefree & Coffee! I figure if you made it to this page you want to know a little bit more about me so let’s start with the basics.

Currently I’m in my twenties and just moved to Spokane! I grew up Seattle, so Washington is home(hence the coffee obsession!), but after high school spent time living in Ohio, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Basically I’m happiest chasing the sun and avoiding the rain. I LOVED Vegas and consider it another home; I sincerely hope life takes me on a path that involves living there again.

I was ridiculously sporty growing up. It’s quite literally all I did. From ages 2-12 I competed in gymnastics and then made the switch to competitive cheer until I was 20. After ‘retiring’ I started running and am currently training for my second half marathon. This means I don’t know how not to keep active and luckily there’s tons of hiking and things to do in the Pacific Northwest.

Because I had to travel so much for competitions, have parents that love to vacation, and have family members scattered around the country I’m pro at living out of suitcases and making hotel rooms second homes. I’m really excited to take this blog with me internationally as well.

I have two dogs that will be on here a lot because they are both very cuddly and very attached. The oldest is a second generation Goldendoodle and the younger is a AKC Cream Golden Retriever.


If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll reply and/or add it to the page if it gets asked a lot!

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