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5 Ways To Stay Warm At A Football Game

Fall means Football.  It also means being stuck outside in any weather wondering if you’ll make it out with all of your fingers and toes. I was a cheerleader which meant wearing a skirt in pouring rain & freezing cold just trying to survive until someone felt pity and let us put pants on. But now that I stay in the stands and dress like a normal person I have lots of tips & tricks to share!

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1. Under Layers

I think this might be the most important factor for staying warm in any situation. It can also be super annoying to deal with if you won’t be spending all of your time outside. My philosophy is better to sweat inside than freeze outside! Investing in a good pair of thermal leggings & a thermal top is vital. Under Armour is my favorite because they keep you really warm but they’re also thin enough to comfortably fit under any piece of clothing I want to wear.

Go for hiking/trail socks for your feet. They’ll be thick and weatherproof, and they won’t bunch weird or slip like if you try to just double up normal socks. This is the one time I prefer a high sock as opposed to a low ankle cut. Depending on what shoes you wear it will be more protection on your ankle and lower leg.


2. Outer Layers

This is the one everyone uses without too much thought. It’s easy, it works, and it’s versatile. I totally get it. Gloves, beanies, and scarves are all things you probably already have in your closet. Last year I started using a neck gaiter and it was SO helpful. One of my biggest dislikes about bitter cold is how it makes it painful to breathe. This lets you cover your mouth and warm the air up; absolute life-saver.

For outer layers I think that boots are where you want to invest. A good pair that will keep rain out will be one of, if not the most important thing to keeping a game enjoyable and not miserable. I’m a big fan of Sorel’s because I can wear them for so many different occasions. They’re cute enough to wear with a real outfit but durable enough to survive even snow.


3. Heated Seat Cushion

This is the only one I haven’t personally tried yet but when I heard about it I was ALL IN. Basically you take the inside piece, microwave it, put it back in its cover, and then have a portable heated seat cushion for up to 6 hours. If you have a little one in an outdoor sport this is a game changer!! No more cold, uncomfortable bleacher seats for you!


4. Warm Drinks

I know that football is near synonymous with beer for a lot of people but it never has been for me. In fact I always think about my college days when they’d sell hot chocolate and it was so lovely to heat yourself up with something warm and sweet. And a shot of something extra if you know what I mean lol. I’m pretty sure my school was like the only college to actually sell straight alcohol but hey, do you expect anything less of Las Vegas 🙂

If it’s a less professional game and you can bring your own drinks I highly recommend getting a bottle like a S’well. You can make coffee or hot chocolate at home and have it stay warm for as long as it takes you to drink it. I know I talk about my S’well all the time but I love all of its uses year-round!


5. Hand & Toe Warmers

I swore by these things when I was a cheerleader. They would get shoved into wherever we could fit them in our uniforms and our constant movement kept the heat going. The discovery of toe warmers was a big plus as well. Being able to stick them on your socks and in your shoes to keep your feet warm is a huge help.

I know they’re not the most environmentally friendly things though, and that’s why I was really excited to find a new rechargeable option. Now you can plug the little unit in to charge and then use it the whole season. Plus it doubles as a power bank! Stay warm and charge your phone. What else do you even need?!





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  1. Awesome ideas! Not just for a football game but also great suggestions for other outdoor activities like sledding or more!

  2. Great ideas! I have never heard of the neck gaiter until today, but it’s a neat invention! These ideas are not only good for outdoor activities such as football, but for any event where one has to dress warmly.

  3. These are all very good tip, I wish our game days in GA were a little cooler, right now we a sweltering. I though I could live vicariously through your post, lol. I love the Sorrel boots that you featured, have a pair and absolutely love them❤️

  4. Awesome ideas, well i haven’t heard of these and i think i will bookmark it for future reference especially for us because we play football twice a week, thank you for sharing!

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