5 Ways To Incorporate Pastel Blue This Summer

The Friday Five is back baby!!

When I first started Carefree & Coffee, Friday Five was a regular feature. I’m not really sure why it stopped but the idea popped back up as I was looking through my blog post idea list last weekend. Then I filled out Fridays on my content calendar all the way through October so it was definitely an *A-HA* inspiration I’m gonna run with.

Pastel is big this summer and while blue isn’t really one of the colors, it is the one I keep going back to every year. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the pinks & purples & greens, but pastel blue just always feels safe in the spring and summer.

I’ve gone through and found 5 different ways that I actually incorporate it into my outfits!

Even though it’s getting warmer out I still always feel the need to keep a jacket around. You never know when you might get cold and then the world has to stop until I can fix it👀 What’s nice about this is it’s easy to pop on over any neutral-ish outfit…we all know how I love my black & white.

Fun story about the exact jacket I’m wearing- I got it for $7 when Charlotte Russe was “going out of business” and now I wear it all the time😂

I have these adidas shoes in 5 different colors🙈 but the blue always comes out when it starts to turn into spring and then goes back away once winter hits. Something about blue shoes just makes them pop and a focus of the outfit. They’re just a fun way to add some style & color on more casual days!

I just recently got this sweater so it hasn’t seen much of summer yet but I love that it’s a color that makes a sweater more acceptable these months. Summer evenings can get chilly, especially if your outside for like bonfires and things, so being able to toss on a lighter colored sweater with shorts is a PERFECT outdoor look.

See I love blue so much I add it to outfits in multiple ways at the same time!😅 Some people aren’t big fans of colored sunnies but since I have a full collection, I love to whip out the blue shades. (I also have purple, they rotate) To me, blue lenses on sunglasses is just the ultimate summer look. Maybe that’s like a west coast beach vibes thing though. Idk, I just know I wear these sunnies ALL. THE. TIME.

And finally, the blue pastel handbag. This is an item that is very seasonal for me, but I do get enough use out of it to make it worth it. And while it may not stay out the entire calendar year, it doesn’t go out of style year to year. This is another way I find myself adding color a lot at the last minutes when I realize that I’ve gone full neutral…and that happens a lot lol.

Do you like to break out the pastels in the summer? Which is your favorite of all my blue’s??
Let me know in the comments below!



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