20 Things I Want To Do In 2020(aka My 2020 To-Do List)

2020 to-do list

2020 To-Do List

New year. New Decade. All that stuff everyone’s been talking about the last few weeks right?
The way I started the year with a quick trip, only to come home and get hit by a massive sow storm has really put my life on hold for a bit. It hasn’t felt much like a new anything has started until this week.
That said, I have taken some time to think about what I want to do and what I want to accomplish this year. What better way to hold myself accountable then putting my 2020 To-Do List out there for you guys to see! This way you all can help my out with suggestions, and also at the end of the year I can hopefully🤞 do a post where I check each one of with a story, a picture, and a post!

So without further ado, here is my personal 2020 To-Do List😀


1. Go on a road trip🚗

I’ve already got a few ideas for this one. Mostly though I just want to get in my car and drive for a while to see parts of the country you can only really appreciate on the ground. I never really did much road tripping growing up, it was airplanes or nothing lol, so I’ve always dreamed of doing a big one.

2. Stand in an ocean🌊

Growing up in Seattle, water was EVERYWHERE. But even though the ocean was so close it was also so cold and therefore I wanted nothing to do with it. This year though I want to make stand in the ocean, any ocean, and not take the water for granted.

3. Go to a baseball game⚾

Well. Duh. BUT moving to Spokane has made it a little harder since I can’t just pop downtown on a weekday afternoon for a Mariners Matinee. It’ll probably require traveling but I can’t go without baseball.

4. Leave the country🛫

For the majority of my life I have lived just hours away from Canada. I’ve also only left the United states a handful of times. This year I want to see more of the world. Even if that means just driving north for a few hours for a quick trip. Preferably much more though!

5. Go to a concert🎶

Taking a trip to Vegas for a concert has become somewhat of a family tradition. I have every intention of keeping that going in 2020. And there’s definitely a few acts I’ve got my eye on for it. (Bon Jovi 2020 I need info please!!!)


6. Run a race🏃‍♀️

It’s been a few years since I’ve run regularly. And I know the only way to get myself back into it is to sign up for a race to have something to train for. Bloomsday is huge deal in Spokane and definitely the main race I’ve got my eye on. Spokane has SO many great options though! Ideally I’ll run many of them this year since I’ve got all kinds of time and trails to train with😉

7. Get back into yoga🧘

Yoga has always been my favorite. It’s that wonderful blend of soothing for the body and the mind. I’ve really gotten away from it the last couple years. Last year with the big move it fell very far down the priority list and I’d like to change that. It’s so lucky that these days it’s just as easy to find great classes and videos online as it is in studios.

8. Go on an overnight hike⛺

I got this book for Christmas and I’m taking it as my sign to stop talking about wanting to hike more and actually doing it. I probably won’t tackle the PCT this summer but I want to start going on longer-term hikes with all the incredible nature I’ve got around me in Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho.

9. Bike the Route of the Hiawatha🚴‍♀️

Last summer my entire family started riding bikes again and it was SO fun. I started looking into local places to ride and discovered the Route of the Hiawatha which looks absolutely incredible. This year when it opens for the summer season I’m going to be all over it.

10. Do a snow activity⛄

Hating the cold is a part of my identity. Spokane is making me face that every day with snow after snow after snow lol. Usually I hunker down inside, in front of the fireplace with my dogs, but in 2020 I want to try to embrace it a little more as part of life here. I’ve mentioned in passing it might be fun to snowshoe or cross country ski, this year I’ll actually try it.


11. Check out more farmer’s markets💐

This was part of my plan last year and then I fell head over heels in love with the first one I went to and never checked out any of the other options. Spokane is a GREAT place with so many local farms nearby so it definitely deserves me taking a better look at all the markets around

12. Have a picnic⛱️

One of my favorite things about moving to Spokane last year was just how much more time I spent outdoors. Whether it’s at a lake, park, mountain, or even my property I want to have a proper picnic. Probably with the pups😀

13. Explore more of Spokane🏙️

This one is kind of broad but it’s mostly just a promise to myself to not fall into habits with what I’ve already found. There’s still so many new places to see and new things to check out all over the Spokane area and I really want to keep making an effort to get to know my new home city.

14. Move into my new house!🏠

For those of you haven’t been here long, I’m building a house!! It’s been a LONG process but I should be moved in by the end of summer. It’s going to be big part of my life this year, and therefore a big part of the blog. I’m SO excited though and can’t wait to share it all you guys!


15. Read 25 books📚

I love to read but it falls through the cracks a lot when I feel like I need to be on my computer or phone all the time. I probably already reach this number every year but in 2020 I’m going to truly keep track of everything I read and make sure it stays a priority. Make sure to check this post out for a good idea of a lot of what I’ll be reading: Books To Screen 2020!

16. Watch 100 movies🎞️

This I KNOW I easily do every year. Again though I actually want to keep a list of everything I watch. 100 might be done by the time summer starts, especially if the snow storms keep going lol. Make sure you’re checking out the gRound Ups every Saturday to see what I’ve been watching!

17. Stay in touch with long-distance friends☎️

My best friend and I know that we can go a long time without talking and still have everything be exactly the same the next time we catch up. As wonderful as that is, especially because life has taken us in very different directions very far apart, it means we can take it for granted. In 2020 I want to stop letting that comfort in our friendship mean the priority goes away and instead make an effort to stay in touch more. Especially because there’s a new niece for me to stay updated on!

18. Experiment in the kitchen🍪

Not eating gluten or diary means I have a TON of experience changing up and modifying recipes. I love being in the kitchen and it’s gotten so much easier with so many more options these days. I want to take that experimenting a step further though and start creating my own meals & recipes from scratch! I’ve actually already gotten a start on this so I’m feeling pretty confident and excited. (Posts will probably be waiting until I have a brand new GORGEOUS kitchen to shoot in😉)

19. Do something impulsive/spontaneous😅

I am a planner. I will overthink and over plan just about everything. I’ve never been one to do anything impulsive so this is going to be hard. In fact I already tried to start thinking about what I could do spontaneously which completely defeats the purpose😂😂 This might be the hardest thing on this entire list!

20. Turn my blog from hobby to business💸

&& finally the big one. I’m right on the edge of really making Carefree & Coffee something but I know there are some steps I need to take to turn it into a real business. I’m so grateful for everything blogging has challenged me to learn & do already. Figuring out everything that goes on behind the scenes of running a blog has been so fun. And I really love the people I’ve met through social media, it’s such a supportive community. I really feel like 2020 is the year it becomes a real business and here are a few things I’m hoping to accomplish with it!
-Create a steady income: I’ve made money from C&C but I want to really focus on monetizing opportunities and having consistent earnings.
-Start sending my own pitches: It’s time to be proactive and not just search for collaborations but actively pitch myself and go for partnerships that really matter to me.
-Work with a hotel: Travel is a big part of what I want to add to C&C this year. Based on my posts with the highest pageviews, it’s what you all want to see to! It’s a major goal of mine to be able to work with hotels and travel companies to help bring you that content and start really seeing everything the world has to offer.

That’s my 2020 To-Do list!
Is there anything on my list that matches with what you want to do this year? Anything your inspired by? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Patrice wrote:

    I love setting reading goals even though I seem to fail to reach my goals every time 🤣. I just love making a conscious effort to read books and keeping track of what I read gives me a great snapshot later of what was important to me during that year. This is why I love using Goodreads to track.

    Published 2.7.20
  2. Love that your list! I wish you can do these all by the end of 2020 🙂

    Published 2.8.20