2017 Top 10 Albums

If you spend any extended length of time with me one of the main thins you’ll notice is that I can’t stand silence. That means there’s always either a tv or music going AT ALL TIMES. I’ve always loved music and having it on in the background. Probably stems from growing up in various gyms and having the radio on for all of those practices and car rides. Then it was chores, homework, and even now writing these posts!

Everyone who knows me is well aware of all of this, so my parents totally knocked it out of the park this year with my Christmas presents!

My tastes are weird and varied. That makes this list very different from a lot of the other lists I’ve seen for the year. Picking out my top few was so easy though. I’ve had no doubt what my #1 album is from the very first listen.

10. ‘Zombies On Broadway’ -Andrew Mcmahon in the Wilderness

Andrew Mcmahon really got his mainstream attention from Cecilia and the Satellite so if you liked that song you’ll love this new album. It’s fun, it’s light-hearted, it’s different. This is such a feel good & dance around kind of album that it’s served as a great soundtrack for both at home & travelling.

9. ‘Divide’ -Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran needs no explanation, but my favorite thing about this album is just how versatile it is which is a testament to just how incredible he is. Obviously ‘Shape of You’ was one of the biggest songs of the year, and there’s the requisite wedding dance songs. Then he also veers off into Irish jigs, heartbreak, and loss. All of those things shouldn’t combine but he makes it not only work, but work with no song feeling like a throw away.

8. ‘Rainbow’ -Kesha

From my first listen of Praying I knew this was going to be an Album to watch out for. That song is honestly perfection. Extenuating circumstances play heavy into feelings about this album and that’s okay! Music should be healing and explanatory and whatever Kesha needed it to be after everything. The fact that this album has some major jams is just an added bonus to the overlying message behind it all.

7. ‘The Good Parts’ -Andy Grammer

I’ve been a fan of basically every single Andy Grammer has release but never really gave his whole albums a listen until this one. It’s all the fun of his hits with even more depth and just some great varieties of pop. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this start to end.

6. ‘After Laughter’ -Paramore

What Paramore pulled off with this album is honestly one of my favorite things ever in music. On the surface it’s light and punk and then you start to listen to the lyrics and realize it’s the complete opposite. And that’s the point! The song titles give it away with things like Hard Times and Fake Happy if you’re willing to give in to the conflicting lyrics & beats. When they slow it down though, like 26, it really really shines.

5. ‘One More Light’ -Linkin Park

I loved this album from the start, then it turned devastating. The song One More Light is actually painful to listen to given what happened. Looking beyond all that though this album shows off a mature Linkin Park that knows it’s grown up without losing its distinct edge that’s made the band what it is today. Their music is personal in a way that hurts and if this is the end, it’s exactly what we’ll need.

4. ‘Revival’ -Eminem

Eminem can be divisive, I’ve always been on the Pro side. Revival actually blew me away though! My copies of Relapse and Recovery have both gotten their share of listens, so I was ready to love a new album. I didn’t expect it to become one of my all time favorites right off the first listen. Revival is such a perfect title because this album has vibes of every Eminem decade, and he straight on addresses so much of his life that it feels intensely personal.

And then you get into the collabs! omg the collabs…I don’t know if there’s anyone else that would be so willing & able to work with such different artists. It’s remarkable the way he can keep true to his own music while combining with an incredible variety of people.

3. ‘Flicker’ -Niall Horan

I didn’t know a casual guitar playing Niall Horan album was something I needed in my life and yet here we are. I can’t say I was anticipating any of the 1d boys solo projects, but Slow Hands was my Summer jam and it made me excited to see what he would do! What interesting is that this album isn’t really something total new or life-changing, but it feels real & easy in a way that’s refreshing. I’m so hooked that I’m actually looking at concert tickets for next Summer!

ps. I’m ready to throw a fit if Mirrors isn’t ever made a single!

2. Last Young Renegade -All Time Low

The number of times I’ve listened to this album from start to finish is borderline embarrassing. It’s been 7 months since it was released and it’s still getting regular play on my current playlists. Pop-Punk is definitely my style and this album manages to cover it all. There are songs that are soft and angry. Songs about love and heartbreak. Songs that feel like hope and desperation.

No matter what you’re feeling or where you are in life there’s music on here that’s ready to give you whatever you need. It’s easy listening, even the lyrics that are cutting deep. And then there are songs like Dark Side Of The Room that I’ve danced around to in every car, kitchen, and bedroom I can find!

1. ‘Beautiful Trauma’ -Pink

I’m pretty sure Pink has never released something I didn’t like, and as soon as What About Us Came out I knew this album was going to be something special. Pink has never shied away from who she is and that’s what’s always made her music so much fun. This album is about growing up and having a different take on what’s going on. Both in individual lives and the world as a whole.

Each song is pop perfection in its own way and I could seriously write an entire thesis dissecting all of it. But I won’t do that to you if you’ve already made it this far lol. What I will say is that no matter where you are in life or what you may be going through this album is exactly what you need to hear. And if you just want some good music, this has you covered too.


So there we go. My top 10 albums of the year!

Unfortunately there were some good albums that didn’t quite make the cut but they deserve a bit of an honorable mention.

Imagine Dragons is always a favorite and it was tough to leave them off but while there are a couple of songs that are my jams, Evolve as whole wasn’t quite there. Same with Kelly Clarkson, and I adore her! Stronger has been in my car for years & years & years now and I still listen to it regularly when driving. But Meaning Of Life just didn’t quite connect with me the same way.

And finally, I’ve put together a playlist with my top 2-3 favorite songs off of each of my top 10! So give them a listen and give me a follow for more playlists to come!



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  1. Love this post! So helpful when trying to figure out what to listen to!
    xx Beatriz

    Published 12.28.17
  2. Kalyn wrote:

    LOVE Ed Sheeran’s album, I listen to him nonstop when I am working, these are some great picks! I can’t wait to listen to them when I am writing a few new posts later! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Kalyn

    Published 12.28.17
  3. Briana wrote:

    I love listening to new music! You have some great artists featured!


    Published 12.28.17
  4. This is a great range of music! Gotta love Ed Sheeran!!

    XO http://www.lydialouise.com/

    Published 12.28.17
  5. Jess wrote:

    What a great list! I am the same way, I can’t stand the silence and always have to tv on or music. I hope you are having a great week!

    Published 12.28.17
  6. Renee wrote:

    My music taste is also all over the map! I love a little bit of everything for sure. Great picks!

    Published 12.29.17
  7. Chrissy wrote:

    These are some really great picks! I’m not familiar with some of these artists, but I’ll definitely have to look into them some more! Thanks for the suggestions! x

    Published 12.29.17
  8. Cool playlist šŸ’Ÿ

    Arianne//Say Curls

    Published 12.30.17
  9. Aitza B wrote:

    Half of your picks were in rotation for me this year. Iā€™m still hurt over the loss of Chester,šŸ˜”. May we lose fewer faves next year.

    Published 12.30.17
  10. I love your blog!

    Published 1.2.18