Hi there!! My name is Alison && if you’re here, you’re probably bored.
That’s okay!
We’re in a super weird time, something none of us have ever experienced or even imagined possible. I know it’s scary and overwhelming. My hope is that I can help you find SOMETHING to do to entertain yourself, your family, and your quarantine buddies.
That’s why for the time being I’m changing up my usual content to try to be a place you can come to and have an ABUNDANCE of ~what to do~ ideas when you’re feeling trapped or bored. There’s going to be movie collections, book recommendations, #quarantinelife guides, plus my previous content for any fitness/travel/fashion inspo to dream about once this is all over! We’ll get through this together, but separately💕
To find all of that content you’re going to want to go to my new Stuck At Home category, which you can also find up top in the banner of my site! (Or go directly to https://carefreeandcoffee.com/stuck-at-home/)
If you want to know more about me before you dive in you can scroll down!

Those are my pups Corey and Tina. If you follow me on Instagram then you DEFINITELY know who they are😉 They’re attention hogs who are always trying to ~help~ aka annoy me until they get a sufficient amount of cuddles. (that’s a lie there’s no such thing as enough attention)

I grew up in the Seattle area where my entire childhood revolved around competitive gymnastics and then a switch over to competitive cheer during my high school years.
After that I lived in Ohio, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, before eventually settling in Spokane, Washington. In fact, I’m building a house right now!

I love being active still, which is one of the big reasons I love Spokane. Hiking, biking, running, just being outside makes me super happy.
I need that to contrast my other favorite thing to do which is watch movies. Like, I’ll watch ANYTHING. My dvd collection recently passed 1k so it’s a good thing the new house is going to have a dedicated theater I may or may not just move into. That’s why a big chunk of quarantine content is going to be all sorts of movie collections and playlists. I’ve finally got a chance to put all of that knowledge to use LOL.
Also, sports are what I have on tv like 80% of the day, especially when I’m working. SO. Experiencing the first ever complete shut down of all sports is NOT GREAT. I’m powering through though😅 Literally millions of people watched a fake marble race the other day though so there’s comfort in all of us handling this in increasingly weird ways.

If you’ve got any questions, about me or my site or any content you’d love to see, let me know! You can message me on social media, send me an email at carefreeandcoffee@gmail.com, or leave a comment on a post!


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