Yoga Crop Hoodie + #NSale Activewear


#NSale opened to the public yesterday and I was at my closest Nordstrom bright and early. A bunch of my favorites had already sold out so I wanted to be at the store when it opened to make sure I didn’t miss out on anything else. A majority of what I purchased or ordered were regular clothes but my one activewear outfit might just be my favorite purchase out of everything! This YOGA crop hoodie is guaranteed to be one of my most worn items of clothing once the weather starts to cool down.


I’d never heard of Alo before but after trying on this hoodie I definitely need to check more of the brand out! It’s soo soft and comfortable. When I first picked it up in store I actually started petting it because it felt so nice lol. Wearing it was even better. I’m a big fan of any crop but having it in sweatshirt is going to be a great way to keep the style into fall and winter. The material is pretty lightweight but it kept me warm and toasty. It’s going to be perfect to toss on before and after classes.

I also picked up a pair of Zella crop leggings because they’re so rarely on sale. Zella is one of the top activewear brands out there right now in my opinion. It’s absolutely worth getting a few pairs on sale right now! Both my mom and I are considering going back to get a couple more. I really love the little bit of mesh detail on the back of these to add just a little flair.

I’ve also rounded up some of the other activewear on sale that are my top picks!




 If you’re still trying to figure out what you want from the sale make sure to check out my first picks!


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  1. Thank you for reviewing the active wear. I reward myself with workout clothes when I reach a fitness goal. I.will have too look at the Nsale closer.

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