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Yellow Shift Dress


I can’t believe the #nsale is finally over. It felt like it was all people were talking about for weeks! One of my favorite finds was this shift dress. Yellow can be so hard to wear, I generally avoid it without a glance, but something about this shade (called honey gold) just hooked me when I saw it online so I actually gave it a shot when I was in Nordstrom trying things on and it was so worth it!

It reminds me of the southwest and fall which I’m excited to be able to transition this through the rest of the year. The shift shape is always so flattering and the pockets are a cute bonus! Even though it’s not on sale anymore the dress is still only $38 and available in numerous colors and patterns. I only got it in this one color but I really want to go get more. You can find it online here and more sizes are being restocked every day.

In the pics I styled it with black because I liked how bold it was while staying true to the more muted yellow color. You can find a hat similar to the one I’m wearing here. A simple black floppy hat adds so much character-it’s definitely a good staple to have in your closet. For shoes you can find a similar pair of black sandals at DSW and online here. Booties like this pair would also be really cute and similar to how I’ll change it up going into fall.

Who’s been watching the Olympics?! I absolutely love it, it’s on all day every day at my house. I’ve always been a huge sports person so it’s not really a surprise how excited I get. Gymnastics has a special place in my heart because I competed for ten years growing up. My guilty pleasure is the canoe/kayak slalom, I first watched it late at night during the London games and got hooked because it’s so obscure and fascinating. It’s so much fun seeing so many different sports and types of people all doing amazing things!


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