Where To Eat In Las Vegas: For The Non-Foodie

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I was shocked when I read recently that food was the #1 factor for people choosing where to travel. It’s usually something I figure out once I’m somewhere new and hungry let alone while in the planning stage of a trip. Maybe for me all the food allergies have taken the adventure out of being a foodie. Or maybe it’s the fact that meals is NOT the place I want to spend all my money on a trip. This doesn’t mean I don’t like trying new things or exploring new places though!

This list is for all my similar peeps out there who want good, simple food; and who aren’t in Vegas to focus on the restaurant scene. It’s pretty focused on the south end of the Strip so it may be updated or continued on future trips!



We’re starting off with my absolute FAVORITE place to eat on the Strip. Seriously, everyone who visited me when I was living in the city was brought here for at least one meal. It’s individual sized pizzas that are made custom for each person with unlimited toppings at one price. That’s right, all pizzas are UNLIMITED TOPPINGS FOR ONE PRICE! I’m just going to scream that to the world until everyone gets with the program. I like weird things on my pizza, and a lot of it, so getting to go down the counter and pick out everything I want is like a dream. Then it’s cooked in a big wooden oven right in front of you to be served fresh as can be.

Gluten free crusts are available for $2 more and they are very, very good so if you’ve got allergies you won’t be left out. I highly recommend going here for an early dinner on a night you have plans. Having a few pieces left over in your room when you get back from a concert or club is guaranteed to make your night even better.

You can find this magical pizza place in The Underground section of MGM Grand.

2. Shake Shack


Shake Shack has been popping up all over the country but it’s still rare enough that it’s the perfect place to get a burger for something different. They’re very focused on having the highest quality ingredients and it’s very noticeable in the taste. I’m not a big burger person however their lettuce wrap and new gluten-free bun make this is another place I always hit when in town. The food menu isn’t large but they have a lot of dessert options along with an extensive wine list that should be checked out. Also, I’m not sure who is bringing their dogs to Vegas but this doggie menu is so cute!!

3. Miracle Mile 


This next one is more of an area to check out but Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood is full of options for whatever you may be looking for. There are a few mainstream chains if you like predictability. Bubba Gump is always fun, Rainforest Café is great with kids, and Buffalo Wild Wings has a hold on my heart that makes me forget other food options even exist. I’m always sneaking a trip to B-Dubs for a meal that happens to coincide with a baseball game I want to watch. There’s also a few fast food options if you just want quick. The great thing about Miracle Mile is that it’s right in the middle of the Strip and has enough places to choose from that everyone in your group will be happy.

4. Excalibur Food Court


This one is for the people who take ‘non-foodie’ to heart. Or had a little too much fun and need something quick and cheap to keep themselves going. There’s actually a lot to choose from here. It’s really good if you have a group that can’t decide on one place. There are also a lot of snack-y and sweet options so stop by to check out things like Krispy Kreme or Popcornopolis.


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