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Weekend Wandering


This weekend I went trekking through a park nearby my house and while fun, it was nothing new. Isn’t that cool! That’s the beauty of the Pacific Northwest-nature is always right next to you. I grew up surrounded by lakes and mountains and trees. I’ve been visiting other parts of the country since I was young so I always knew that what we had was different but I never realized how special it was until I moved away for an extended length of time. The greens and blues had always been normal, had always meant home, until I lived in Nevada and Arizona for a few years and then it was just a simple trip to see my parents that it hit me how colorful and gorgeous the place I grew up was.


Now that I’m living here again I really want to make sure to take advantage of everything around me. When I was younger I was heavily involved in sports that meant spending multiple hours each day inside a gym so I didn’t get to explore and definitely took for granted the area I lived. Now I can go from taking my dogs to a park to going on mountain hikes whenever I want!


The top 2 pics are of my dog Tina (also known as Piggy). We adopted her a little over two months ago and this was her very first trip to the park. She was in heaven and it was so much fun  seeing her running around and exploring everything. She’s the cuddliest animal I have ever known and definitely believes the only way to ride in the car is full in my lap. The last pic is Corey (full name: Coriolanus) who is an old pro at walks and park trips. He’s basically my sidekick. I’m going to be doing a post on the pups soon because they’re both always around and always in pictures!


Finally I wanted to talk a bit about my outfit because it was SO warm and perfect for this little trip. I tend to over bundle up because I’ll take being too hot over cold any time but this jacket was a new purchase from Black Friday and worked so well. It’s Eddie Bauer so it’s good quality but even though it’s a fairly lightweight puffer it definitely kept heat in and protected me from wind and chill. Plus it has two inner pockets! You can find it in multiple colors online here.

I’ve had thermal pants and tops ever since my first Ohio winter but Nike and Under Armour are definitely my top brands especially these skin-tight ones that can fit under other clothes if necessary. (Have I mentioned enough how much I do NOT like being cold ever!) Here are multiple options for similar leggings for women, men, and kids. You can find the Under Armour ColdGear shirt here for women and here for men.

I’m currently looking for a new pair of rain boots because the ones in the pics are about 5 years old now and reaching their last legs. I think I know what I want but if anyone has any recommendations please leave them in the comments!! It randomly snowed last night so my search is becoming more urgent that planned lol


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