The Best Coffee Shop On The Las Vegas Strip (That Isn’t Starbucks!)

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This post is living up to the blog name today!!

First things first-Starbucks is always #1 in my heart and still perfectly worthy of your caffeine fix while in Vegas. BUT if you’re looking for something a little different, just as tasty, but with a real coffee shop feel and flair then you HAVE to check out Sambalatte. Located right on the boulevard in the front section of Monte Carlo it’s super easy to get to. If you’re stumbling around in the morning….or afternoon….or evening (time in Vegas always gets a little warped) you’ll have no problem finding it.

Hard to miss when you’re walking along the strip!

Sambalatte is a very small chain in the Las Vegas area that’s focused on gourmet coffee. Most important for me they have non-dairy milk options(that isn’t soy because eww to that). It really is a make or break item for me and the first thing I ask at every coffee place I go to! They roast their beans in house after carefully training their baristas and boy can you taste it in any of the drinks. There’s a pride in the artistry that goes into anything made there which can be very visibly seen by the artwork or the really cool tv’s showing some of their fields. Also you can read all about their sustainability and traceability measures on their website, and you can feel good about supporting a company that works hard to trace and reduce their carbon footprint!

The Nutella latte is drool-worthy


I highly recommend planning time to get a drink and hang out at the shop. They build their stores with the idea that people will use the space to savor drinks, hang out with friends, or even get work done. There’s a ton of tables and booths (and outlets!) both inside and outside making it really easy to settle in. It was chilly when I last visited in February but there were heaters all over the place in their outdoor section. Generally the shop wasn’t too crowded, but even the one time I stopped by to find it packed there was still a different, more laid back, feeling. Much more coffee shop vibe than hectic Vegas so if you need to take a break or get some work done it’s the place you need to go! They even have a full page on their website dedicated to their ATMOSPHERE

Outdoors with heaters!


I always do my best work in coffee shops!

If sitting around isn’t for you or your on a time constraint, don’t worry! You can always order it to go and they have really cool cups that are made with corrugated cardboard so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself or a sleeve falling off. You can see it in the pic below but just ignore me in the background lol


However if this just doesn’t sound like your thing OR you have a fully Starbucks reliant existence (I totally understand, no shame) you will have no problem. I’m pretty sure at this point every hotel has at least one Starbucks….while walking through MGM Grand I lost track after 3

You’ll be fine I promise!

Please let me know if you visit the next time you’re in Vegas and tell me all about it!!! I used to bring friends and family who were visiting me here all the time, so I want to know that word about its deliciousness is still getting spread now that I’m gone!

Alright now I desperately need a latte after putting this together.

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  1. Aaron wrote:

    I visited Sambalatte on the Strip for the first time just the other day and then took a friend there the next day haha. Had a pour over and then a Rainbow Latte. Nice coffee shops pics, Nutella latte looks delicious. Just enjoyed the whole experience from watching them make the coffee, to just hanging out, working for a bit and soaking in the atmosphere. Always on the lookout for that next indie coffee shop to check out. Can’t believe how many Starbucks there are along Las Vegas Boulevard yuck.

    Published 4.20.17
  2. Ian, I suspect your six-point plan would be halfway implemented, the first three points already are popular with the oligarchy, with the exception of compensation for missing subsidies, and serve them well in evading environmental and labor standards. The second three would serve to ameliorate the effects of the first, so they're doomed.

    Published 8.28.17