Bearpaw: Boots On A Budget

It may be ‘basic’ but I have loved the fuzzy boots look for as long as it’s been around!! Especially when I’d have to wear cheer outfits in December and those boots were the only source of warmth we got before and after games & competitions LOL.  But really, it wouldn’t be a joke if […]

Friday Favorites-June 2017

  I’ve decided to start a new monthly post on the blog where at the end of the month I’ll talk about a few random things that I have been absolutely loving! One of those things will always be a playlist of whatever music has been getting the most replays over the month as well. […]

T-Mobile Arena & The Park

If you follow me on social media then you know that I was recently in Las Vegas for a weekend to see a Bon Jovi concert. (My third time seeing him and still completely amazing! Talk with me in the comments if you love them too!!) This trip was really special for another reason too […]

Ugg Rain Boots

  February is coming to an end and everyone in the pacific northwest is breathing a sigh. It’s no secret that it’s the WORST month weather-wise and no amount of sun in the summer or mild winter can make up for it. I lucked out and took these pics one of the rare times the sky was […]