Gift Guide: For The Person Who Is Always Organized

We all have that one person in our life who is to always organized and has it all together. Or you are that person and you never ever take for granted the tools that help you keep that organization! I’m definitely that friend which means this gift guide was put together from my own knowledge […]

Marshmallow+M&M Popcorn

  Combining marshmallow’s and M&M’s is pretty much a guaranteed delicious sugar rush. I shot pictures for this in the afternoon and literally seconds after taking my last pic it was being taken over and eaten by family members. Different candied popcorn has always been a big dessert for us but this one has been […]

Foodie Friday-Rudolph’s

It’s Foodie Friday time! This week I’m sharing a recipe that is SO quick and simple, it seriously takes less than 10 minutes….and then only another 10 to eat them all!(I’m eating some right now while I type and had to hide the rest lol) We call these guys Rudolph’s because of the red m&m […]

Cake In A Cup

It’s Thanksgiving week which means holiday season is here! One of the hardest parts of the next few weeks can be navigating through gift giving. From acquaintances to best friends it can get overwhelming quickly so I wanted to share with you my family’s go-to solution. We’ve actually had to retire it because so many […]