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If you follow me on social media then you know that I was recently in Las Vegas for a weekend to see a Bon Jovi concert. (My third time seeing him and still completely amazing! Talk with me in the comments if you love them too!!) This trip was really special for another reason too because it was the first time I visited since I moved away. The 3 years I lived in the city were full of happiness, craziness, and memories I’ll never forget(or never remember?! It is Las Vegas….) but now I’ve been away long enough that things have changed a bit and new things have opened!

Which brings us to the point of this post–

Yes, that is a MASSIVE video screen that shows ads and upcoming events. It’s ridiculously big.


One of the big things I watched being built but moved right before it opened was T-Mobile Arena and the new outdoor surrounding area called The Park. An important life skill of mine is being able to navigate The Strip with ease, so I HAD to check out this new part and determine if it was worth the construction we worked around for years because of it. Let me tell you it is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!!! The concert was at the arena so I got to fully explore it and my mom and I stayed at Monte Carlo resort which is literally right next door making it the perfect location since the concert was our main focus.

T-Mobile Arena was built for two big things- concerts and sports. Specifically their brand new NHL team the Vegas Golden Knights. TBH I really could not care less about hockey but I’m such a sports person I’ll go hard for any professional team in Vegas *quickly starts looking up hockey basics*

Right away the huge plaza area in front of the arena is noticeable, and while it was empty the entire weekend except for the concert night, I was incredibly surprised how big it still felt with people gathering all over the place. It really is expansive and there are so many doors to get inside that it kept the lines feeling short and not too crowded. There was also a merchandise stand outside but even the lines for that(longer than the ones for the doors!) didn’t get in the way. This was clearly built with an understanding of how big the crowds can get for small-ish amounts of time(right before and after events) and it was refreshing not ever feeling mobbed.

Look at that row of doors and security! It is SO easy to get inside when they’re that prepared.
Make sure to go up to the top floor and hang out at this incredible bar/lounge area!!

My mom and I were seated in the top section and still had an incredible view. I really don’t think it’s possible to find a bad seat they way it’s set up. But I will give a warning. The steps to the seats are extremely steep!! I even heard one group of friends talking about how they were cutting back on drinks for fear of falling down the stairs later in the night lol! Ladies- if you’re in heels use the hand rails! But as long as your paying attention it’s not too bad. My personal fear was once the lights went down BUT since they’d already thought of everything OF COURSE they thought of that too. Lights went down and all of a sudden the stairs were lit up. Yet we were still in total darkness despite sitting in the aisle seats. MAGIC!! They has lights set up to perfectly illuminate the stairs and cut off right at the seats. I was so intrigued and awed I took  a pic of it lol



Now for the other part–

This is the view from the boulevard! On the left: New York New York. On the right: Monte Carlo. And in the back: T-Mobile Arena

The Park is an outdoor area that is basically a big walkway that leads from the boulevard to the arena. Unless you’re coming from Monte Carlo or New York New York, you’ll have to walk down this which makes it perfect for a meal either before or after your event. My mom and I hit California Pizza Kitchen take out right afterwards and it was wonderful to collapse in our room with fresh, real food that late at night. There’s a few options of restaurants and tons of outdoor seating. It was really empty for most of our stay so if you want to hang out outside but take a break from the crowds and the noise come check it out during the day time.


Here’s a link to the website for so you can check out the restaurants!

The Park Restaurants

And a link to the arena so you can see what events are upcoming to plan a trip!!

T-Mobile Arena

P.S. This was my outfit for the concert and I totally rocked out in it!


This is the start of a week full of Las Vegas posts so make sure to come back every day for new tips and reviews!

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If you have ANY questions about either of these places let me know in the comments and I’ll happily answer them the best I can. Or if you have any questions about Las Vegas in general I’ll happily share my knowledge!


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  1. bruceschinkel19 wrote:

    Great stuff! I’ve been looking forward to my next trip to Vegas specifically to check out this area, so I really enjoyed your review

    Published 3.6.17
  2. I live in Vegas, but still haven’t gone to the arena. It looks really nice!

    Published 3.6.17