Sweater Dresses Under $75

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with dresses. I think they’re soo cute & want to wear them more, but unless it’s for a specific event it never quite feels right. In the last few years though I’ve found that sweater dresses are totally different for me! Which now that I think about it, it’s pretty weird that I want to wear dresses more when it’s cold out….

There are so many different styles of sweater dresses out there now! Knit, cotton, long sleeve, off shoulder-basically any trend you can think of, there’s a sweater dress to go along! The best part: it’s very possible to find these options at a reasonable price. We all know by now I’m all about that #SaleLife

And so, here is my roundup of Sweater Dresses Under $75

Soprano Balloon Sleeve Sweater Dress

I love that this has kind of a ‘sweatshirt-y’ look to it. Plus the balloon sleeves are SO much fun!


Volcom Cold Daze Knit Dress

You can never go wrong with a black dress, but the white stripes help mix it up a bit!


Lovers +  Friends Simply Mine Sweater Dress

I know some of you out there haven’t quite found Fall yet….if you want to send some of that sun my way it would be very welcomed lol. If not, you can still hop on the sweater dress train with a sleeveless & lace-up option!


French Connection Turtleneck Dress

A sleek & chic bodycon with a ruffled turtleneck!


Bp. Tie Sleeve Sweater Dress

Available in Red, Ivory, and Charcoal-this is the perfect casual sweater dress for an everyday outfit!


Leith Shine Dolmon Sleeve

Stretchy and pink is everything you could ask for in a sweater dress! Plus a longer hem makes it even more wearable.


Calvin Klein Floral Print

Floral will always be a favorite of mine, and thankfully it’s a classic that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!


LPA Ruffle Off Shoulder

Ruffles & off shoulder are two of the biggest trends this year, so why not combine them!





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  1. I love dresses in general as there is minimal effort in pairing the top and bottom half, so sweater dresses are a wardrobe staple for me in winter!! Love your selection.

  2. Love this post! I love a good sweater dress especially because you can dress them up or down for every season. My fav is the off the shoulder bell sleeve. Thanks for the options.

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