St. Louis Union Station: Hotel Review

My family has a Hilton Honors account which means anytime we travel that’s the first brand we look for. (Gotta get those points!) Luckily Hilton has soo many different brands under their name that we always have choices. Depending on what we’re looking for, whether it’s purpose, location, ambiance, etc., there is something that will fit.


When I was in St. Louis over the summer I needed somewhere to stay for just one day & night before catching a train. That’s when I discovered the Curio Collection by Hilton. This isn’t so much a ‘brand’ in itself but a line that Hilton owns and keeps independent. They keep the history and surroundings so each hotel is individual. The Curio in St. Louis is built in the old Union Station building!

Some cities still have their main ‘Union Station’ that serves as a transportation hub so between that and all the old pictures around, it’s easy to picture what a sense of life that used to bustle around. Now it’s quite & calm so you can take your time to truly explore and appreciate the detail that went in to everything. I’m not big on ‘old’ and ‘antique’ but I was still in constant awe every time I stepped into a new room. From the moment you walk in to the Grand Hall and reception area you’ll be blown away.



The hotel part of the building is pretty much the same as any other hotel. The rooms are really nice, and very clean, but not huge. We had two beds and there was still room for a chair and side table without it feeling crowded. The bathroom had a full tub and shower which is always appreciated, and a door to keep the toilet separated which is a big bonus. That always makes a bathroom feel bigger than normal!

Also having a Keurig in the room is like the one extra that puts service over the top for me! Regular coffee is alright but machines can be confusing and once you start having to measure things out I usually end in tears.


There are a few different food options. With all my food allergies finding places to eat is one of the worst parts of travelling so I appreciate that. Within the hotel there is the Grand Hall Lounge and Market if you want a drink or something more casual than a meal. The market has a coffee shop that serves Starbucks drinks!!!

If you want a sit down restaurant they have the Station Grille that has been around since the building was still a train station. People used to be able to place orders while on the train so that their meals would be ready when they got in and sat down. That’s crazy good service.

And if you’ve had a long day or need some time to yourself, dining in room is an option as well.

Right at the back of the hotel, but outside of it, there are some other more mainstream options like Hard Rock Café (their gluten-free burgers are incredible!) and Landry’s Seafood.

The outdoor pool is closed during certain times of the year. If you have swimmers or little ones in the family that’s something to pay attention to. And if you’re the kind of person who needs to keep moving there is a great fitness center! All kinds of equipment and space for whatever your workout needs.

One of my absolute favorite parts of my stay was the 3D Light Show in the Grand Hall. Set to music and narration it feels like you’re watching an epic movie as fish swim around and lights dance. The show was put together specifically for the hotel by a company that collaborates with Cirque du Soleil. This is a guaranteed hit for all ages to enjoy! There is also a Fire & Lights show that happens every hour outside in the area by the pool and restaurants.

You can read all about these shows on the website here.


The St. Louis Union Station Hotel is located on the outskirts of the main downtown area. But there’s still plenty to do right around it & within walking distance of getting to downtown.

Just a few minutes away is the Amtrak and train station if you’re using this hotel as a base during travel.

About two blocks away is the Peabody Opera House & the Scottrade Center, where the local NHL team plays.

1 mile away will get you to Ballpark Village & Busch Stadium which are Must-Do’s anytime you’re in St. Louis during baseball season. Just past that and you’ll hit the Gateway Arch and Riverfront.

All of these are down one road so getting around is really easy. As you can see in the picture, you can see the arch from the hotel which can make it your guide!

If you’re looking to hit all of the main downtown attractions check out my How To Spend One Day In Downtown St. Louis travel guide! It has all the goodies if you don’t have much time.

For more information or to book, go to the main St. Louis Union Station Hotel website!!



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  1. Looks like an awesome hotel to stay at. You’ve provided a great detailed review and I love how your pictures and descriptions flow together. The 3D light show looks really cool. I’ve never been to St. Louis but my cousin lives there, so I’ll have to talk to him about this place! I have a travel and lifestyle blog as well. I would appreciate it if you checked it out: 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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