Split Sleeve Shirt


LOL at the camera lens cover in my pocket

Having a collection of basic long and short sleeve shirts is soo important in any wardrobe. I really love the fabric and fit of the BP. line at Nordstrom so for the last year I’ve been replacing all of my shirts with those. When I saw that BP. had a bunch of items part of the #NSale I was really excited to finish stocking up! Then I saw this beauty of a top!! It’s the exact same as their regular shirts except for the “split sleeve”.

Split Sleeve Top // Blue Jeans  // Leopard Sunnies

Nude & Black Booties // Leopard Handbag

Whoever looked at the shirt and was like ‘hey, let’s just cut the seam’, you’re probably a little crazy. But also, a freaking genius! It’s such a simple change but the result is unbelievable. This might be the most versatile thing in my closet now. By having the split sleeve, all of a sudden there’s a mix of a bell sleeve and cape effect that completely changes it from simple to STATEMENT. It glams it up so much! And it’s far too fun to play with, I’m constantly distracting myself LOL.

It also has a bit of an uneven hem that’s cropped in the front and drops around the sides which adds another element of chic. It looks great with jeans but it would also be great with shorts or a skirt! I’m really happy with black but it does come in white & pink as well. I want it in all variations, and if you catch it while it’s still on sale– $27.90 is definitely a justifiable price to get multiple colors.

Sorry this post was up late today! We’re having an internet issue at home and had to totally disconnect it for a couple of days. This decision was of course made right as I was editing these pics yesterday, but I just packed up and am working from Starbucks today. Change of scenery is nice anyways! Everything will be fixed tomorrow so posts should be fine for the rest of the week!


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  1. I love the split sleeves, they remind instantly of those medieval dresses that had split sleeves. I think everyone I know has gotten found some great stuff at the Nordstrom sell this year.

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