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On a very cold and rainy day(aka any winter day in Seattle) last weekend I went downtown to see the special Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum(SAM), which you can read all about from Monday’s post.

However the ticket was good for the entire museum and since I had never been I wanted to make sure to check it all out. I think the only art I ever studied was a Renaissance quarter in high school, and most of my previous museum trips were field trips…but it was definitely because of lack of time rather than lack of interest-so I was excited to explore everything despite an almost complete lack of knowledge. I’m very much a bright colors and anything modern kind of person so thankfully one of the biggest exhibits SAM has is full of that. The exhibit is called Big Picture: Art After 1945 and as of now it has no end date so don’t be afraid to add it to a future itinerary.




Seattle has a very strong Native American influence(which is easily noticed in the names of everything!) and there is a very cool collection called Art and Life Along the Northwest Coast that showcases that part of the city’s history and present.

There are lots of other areas and floors to see throughout the museum but one of the mutual favorites was Go Tell It which is a series of Civil Rights era photos. It was especially powerful and poignant given the current state of our country. It’s leaving the museum at the beginning of January so go see it quickly if possible!


Right outside you can find the Museum gift shop, a gallery for local artists, and a cafe called Taste. You’ll want to spend a full morning or afternoon in this one building!

When you’re ready for something new though, just a block away is the famous Pike Place Market.



This is the ‘IT’ place to go when in the Seattle area, for a lot of people it’s even more iconic than visiting the Space Needle. At it’s heart it’s a farmers market which means lots of food, flowers, and souvenirs. If you’re staying nearby it’s so worth walking over in the morning for breakfast. There’s fresh produce, bakery’s, cider/tea/coffee stands-basically really good food and a really cool experience other than sitting in a restaurant. Make sure to bundle up and wear good shoes because it’s mostly open-air and not the most smooth of surfaces.

There are a few MUST SEE items when you’re here.

-Fish throwing(It sounds laughable until you see it and then stand in awe)

-The Gum wall. Regularly on the list of top locations Instagrammed you have to see if for yourself and add a piece.(If you stand looking at the fish its to the left and down the stairs, basically under/behind the market). Be warned that it is extremely gross and usually crowded!

Follow the arrows!


-Last but definitely not least, THE OLDEST STARBUCKS! This location isn’t technically the first, it was originally a block away but moved to its current location in 1976. This place is basically my mothership since my blood has to be at least 50% Starbucks coffee at this point. It always has an extremely long line BUT if you’re only visiting it is totally worth it just for the experience. If you just can’t wait that long for your coffee(I get it, I really do) you can walk a block in just about any direction and hit another location that will be much emptier. We Seattleites require them on every corner.

This is so ridiculously Seattle

This is a really cool and vibrant part of the city. The water is just a few blocks away and the new link light rail has a station nearby so it’s easy to go north or south to other areas. If you’re planning a trip this is a fabulous place to find a hotel or inn and not have to worry about getting places.



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