Satin Cami For Fall Layering

It looks like summer weather is officially ending up here in the pacific northwest so it’s time to start re-organizing my closet. That doesn’t mean all my warm weather pieces need to get put away though!

One of my favorite parts of putting together outfits for Fall is getting to play with layers. While jackets and scarfs get a lot of notice, having a staple base piece is super important! My personal choice to start off a lot of outfits is a simple satin cami. I just really love the way satin material feels and drapes for an under layer.

For a long time my go-to was the Express Barcelona line. That’s what I’m wearing in the pics, and yes they’re reversible! I lovee that I get ‘two’ tops in one! But for some reason, one that I and apparently everyone else do not understand, Express discontinued it.

HOWEVER-and this is a major life-saver!- you can still find them in store at Express Outlets. I just picked up the white/grey top a few weeks ago!! There were a ton of color options in the store I went to so I highly recommend stocking up if you are able to find some.

If you don’t have an outlet near you than there are some other new options out there. Express does have a few of their own, including this strappy one, or this double layer cami, that are pretty cute.


Also if you want to see what the satin cami looks like once fully styled check out this post from last week: Beige Knit Cardigan


What is your favorite part of getting your Fall wardrobe ready?! Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I love camis that can be worn as tops! Unfortunately, where I live, fall weather is sweater weather, but this would be perfect for the summer!

  2. Absolutely love camis you can wear them with pretty much anything. Also your pink boots are gorgeous! I love autumn fashion, can’t wait to wear my thigh high boots 😍 great post x

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