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Road Trip Comfort


The combination of my mom’s hatred of car rides and Seattle’s isolation from the rest of the country means I consider anything over 2 hours a road trip. Growing up if where we were going was any further than that, we were flying. But my recent trip to South Carolina involved a 4 hour flight one day and a 3 hour drive the next so we all had to suck it up.DSCN2191_editedDSCN2194_editedDSCN2196-crop_edited_editedDSCN2174_edited

I went for comfort with this outfit.  These pants are my absolute favorites because they’re so stretchy and soft. Charlotte Russe is my go to for jeans and shorts, they have great prices and are so easy to wear. The cardigan is also from Charlotte Russe and was perfect for the car because I could take it on and off or use it as a pillow or blanket. The lace cami is from Guess and a perfect staple to have in your closet! I have it in two colors, burgundy and off white, and I wear them both all the time.  With a built in bra and straps that can be taken off it’s a quick transformation into a corset top for a night out.  Finally the Adidas shoes that I’ve barely taken off since I got them in March. I was stuck with a bunch of sandals and heels, and then running/hiking shoes, with no real option for casual comfort. These were exactly what I was looking for and I wear them so much more than I ever imagined!

These pics were taken at a rest stop right near the Georgia/South Carolina border. There’s little trails down to the lake(Lake Hartwell!! I had to use my handy dandy GPS to look this up after we left) and some picnic tables so it’s a great place to stop and stretch your legs or just take a break from the car for a bit. I remembered this place from a previous trip and made my dad stop at a few rest areas until I found it again 🙂


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  1. I really like the first and last picture. I’m not sure who took them but they have a good eye. I agree with having to find comfy clothes for road trips it is a very important part of the trip. Also, love the cardigan I’m obsessed with them.

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