Carefree & Coffee: Recipe Roundup May 2017


I’ve gotten quite a few new readers/followers lately which is AMAZING!!!! Hello friends I’m so so happy to have you here 🙂 I know that a lot of you have ended up on my blog because gluten & dairy free recipes aren’t the easiest to find, especially not ones that are fairly simple. Considering how much time I’ve spent myself spiraling into unending searches that lead to nowhere, I thought it might be helpful if I did a recipe roundup for you. I’ve gone back to the beginning and picked 5 recipes I definitely don’t think you should miss!

Marshmallow + M&M Popcorn

Starting off with dessert because who doesn’t want to start off with a sugar rush lol. This recipe is SUCH a hit with my family and almost never makes it past the first day. I lovee popcorn but not being able to eat it with butter means getting creative. When that leads to recipes like this though it makes it just about worth it!


Cookie Sheet Nachos

I first shared this recipe for the Super Bowl but make sure to save it for next football season! Or baseball season that’s going on right now so you don’t have to wait. It’s a super simple way to make nachos for everyone to share, plus they’re actually filling. I’ve never been one for smothered melting cheese so these nachos are the best option for a lot of reasons!

Buffalo Chicken + Roasted Potato Casserole

I live on variations of chicken with rice or potato. This recipe combines all of my loves-chicken, bacon, potato, buffalo sauce-to make just about the most drool-worthy meal of my life.I make it, or ask for it, a ridiculous amount but when options are limited, favorites stick around.

Seasoned Skinny Fries

I have had wayyy too much fun playing around with my spiralizer but making my own fries was a game changer. It’s no secret that french fries are my absolute weakness when it comes to junk food. Having a way to bake instead of fry them and also control the seasoning on top is such a relief! Now I don’t have to feel soo bad about how often I eat fries, and no one has to hear me complain about too much salt lol

Prosciutto Egg Cups

This is one of my most viewed posts which is a little sad since it’s the only recipe I’ve posted that I don’t actually like… It’s a favorite in my family and clearly for everyone else so I’ll just be alone in my weird egg-disliking corner. These egg cups turn out really cute and kind of professional looking without much effort so they’d be an awesome choice for Mother’s day coming up!



As always let me know if you have any questions!! It can be about the recipes, about going dairy & gluten-free, or even suggestions for something you haven’t been able to find yet! I have recipes already planned out for the next couple months which means I get to spend a lot of the summer experimenting and trying new things. It could be great, it could be terrible lol but it will be fun.

I’m getting ready to leave for a 9 day trip so my week has been crazy. I have lots of fun travel posts planned from it so fingers crossed that everything goes well!


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