Neon Sweater

First off the important thing-that adorable puppy is my dog Corey.  I know, I know, 7 years old isn’t a puppy but he’s always going to be the baby of the family. He’s a second generation goldendoodle and hates going for walks so the fact that he’s smiling in all the pictures is kind of […]

Rompin’ Around

Confession: I have a romper obsession. They’re taking over my closet, my wardrobe, my life! They’re just so versatile and fun. And the best of all is how easy they are to throw on in the morning and look completely put together without too much planning(I’m all about not having to think after waking up […]

Davenport-Spokane, WA

I spent this last weekend in Spokane, the lesser known “other side” of Washington. Seattle may be the big city but if you get the chance to visit Spokane I highly recommend it!! The downtown area is very fun and versatile. Lots of shopping, parks, and even a good nightlife thanks to the multiple colleges […]

Doggie Biscuits!

Ten years ago my parents and I spent Memorial Day weekend welcoming in a new member of the family, a goldendoodle puppy named Macbeth. He was a cuddly little thing who made it easy to pick out of the litter when he crawled into my lap and didn’t let any of his brothers near me. […]

Road Trip Comfort

The combination of my mom’s hatred of car rides and Seattle’s isolation from the rest of the country means I consider anything over 2 hours a road trip. Growing up if where we were going was any further than that, we were flying. But my recent trip to South Carolina involved a 4 hour flight one day and a 3 hour […]

Chevron Romper

Okay I have to admit that this romper is something I usually would walk by and completely ignore but it was on a mannequin in Charlotte Russe and I could not get it out of my mind.