Weatherproof Wedges

I love wedges. I hate being cold. So when these shoes popped up in my email one morning(thanks DSW!)  it was love at first sight. Cute but solid wedge, faux-shearling interior, it was basically a checklist for everything I can’t pass up.  There’s always a fear though of something that seems perfect online doesn’t work […]

Cake In A Cup

It’s Thanksgiving week which means holiday season is here! One of the hardest parts of the next few weeks can be navigating through gift giving. From acquaintances to best friends it can get overwhelming quickly so I wanted to share with you my family’s go-to solution. We’ve actually had to retire it because so many […]

Olive Stripes

Confession time-I have no clue how these pictures turned out useable. It was a really nice day while we were taking them but for some reason they looked terrible trying to review them on the camera. The stripes on the dress were skewed and dizzying to look at. After a couple tries I basically gave […]

Old Navy Casual

If you’re like me and jeans are your first thought for an outfit every morning, Old Navy is a life saver. Comfortable, extremely flattering, and inexpensive means you don’t have to feel bad about stocking up in every color! I tend to go for the Rockstar line because I like the way they fit but […]

Yellow Shift Dress

I can’t believe the #nsale is finally over. It felt like it was all people were talking about for weeks! One of my favorite finds was this shift dress. Yellow can be so hard to wear, I generally avoid it without a glance, but something about this shade (called honey gold) just hooked me when I saw it […]

Ross Lake Resort + North Cascade Mountains

This post is going to be a bit different but I am so excited to talk about my recent trip!! I thought that it was going to be hard without internet or cell service but it was actually quite freeing and I only really missed it when I wanted to check the weather in the morning. […]

Berry Picking-YUM!

I recently returned to my Washington roots and went on a weeklong trip with my best friend into the North Cascade mountains. I definitely took for granted growing up surrounded by forests and lakes but now I really appreciate it every time I go home and feel awed by the colors and nature all around.  However in true Pacific […]